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15 Yakiniku Japanese BBQ Restaurants In Singapore You Must Try

15 Yakiniku Japanese BBQ Restaurants In Singapore You Must Try

When people think about Japanese cuisine, the first things that come to mind may be sushi or ramen. But a cornerstone of Japanese cuisine is also its amazing meaty offerings, and there’s no better way to enjoy them than by grilling them up in a Japanese BBQ, also known as yakiniku! Craving for an authentic yakiniku session but can’t visit Japan yet? Satiate your cravings with these 15 yakiniku Japanese BBQ restaurants in Singapore!

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Aburiya is a really popular spot with Japanese expats, so you know they’re can be trusted for a great yakiniku sesh! Experience a curated selection of Japan’s unique styles of Wagyu. Their menu offers a lengthy list of various cuts like skirt, short rib and tenderloin. They also have a nose-to-tail concept which means that – aside from minimising wastage – you’ll also get to try less popular off c...


Gyu Kaku

Chances are you might have come across this famous yakiniku chain somewhere in Japan or in Singapore. No matter which outlet you visit, expect to be impressed by a large selection of Kagoshima wagyu cuts at reasonable prices. We've also heard good things about their Kurobuta pork selection! Gyu Kaku also has two buffet selections to choose from: the Japanese Wagyu buffet or the Australian wagyu bu...


Niku Katsumata

Originating from Ebisu, Tokyo, this dinner-only yakiniku joint imports its high quality beef from Kagoshima and Kumamoto, but the real standout feature here is their use of crystal grilling plates instead of the usual metal grills. These plates are specially imported from Japan and they retain heat very well so only a low heat is needed to grill the meats. This helps retain the meat's juices and p...



All Japanese beef ingredients are sourced from the factories of origin to ensure traceability and quality. Due to its use of seasonal ingredients, Renga-Ya has a changing menu. Nestled in the quaint and historic grounds of CHIJMES, Renga-Ya is a one-of-its-kind culinary gem that combines great food, warm hospitality, and a lovely atmosphere to boot. Besides traditional Japanese yakiniku, a wide va...


ROCKU Yakiniku

Delivering a fresh concept to traditional Yakiniku joints, ROCKU Yakiniku defies convention by melding a traditional style of Japanese dining with modern entertainment, perfectly characterising Japanese pop culture. Savour and enjoy tantalising cuts of meat, ranging from beef to pork and chicken. Flown in from the USA, Australia and Japan, premium cuts such as Wagyu beef brisket, Australian sirloi...



A modern upscale Japanese yakiniku restaurant, Shatoburian is a play on the word "chateaubriand", a highly-prized piece cut from the tenderloin. As the most tender cut and only accounting for 2-3% of the total animal, this represents the premium dining experience here. The restaurant proudly serve A5 Wagyu beef procured from approved auction houses in Japan, as well as caviar and foie gras from Fr...


Syohachi Yakiniku

This all-you-can-eat Japanese yakiniku restaurant has some of the most premium Japanese A5 Wagyu beef from Miyagi, including brisket, chuck, round, knuckle and more. Hailing from Hong Kong, Syohachi Yakiniku sources their beef through an exclusive partnership with the award-winning Hidakami Ranch, thus they are able to keep their prices competitive. You will not be able to order specific cuts here...


Tajimaya Yakiniku

At Tajimaya Yakiniku, you can expect an authentic Japanese charcoal grill experience like no other. The restaurant offers a fun and interactive ‘hands-on cooking’ and dining experience by allowing you to grill your own meats at your table. Besides Wagyu beef, the menu also includes Kurobuta pork, tiger prawns and sashimi. Complete the dining experience with sake and soju of the finest quality!



The ultimate authentic Japanese yakiniku and wagyu beef experience awaits you at Tenkaichi. Enjoy free flow of wagyu beef from Kagoshima, Hokkaido, USA & Australia with their buffet or ala-carte menu. Irrespective of which set you plump for, the choices is vast and also features a good mix of seafood, pork and lamb options.


The Gyu Bar

A contemporary yakiniku dining and bar concept specialising in premium Wa-Oh Japanese beef from Kumamoto, The Gyu Bar is a 35-seater restaurant set in a modern setting reminiscent of old world elegance. Apart from top grade beef, The Gyu Bar also diversifies its menu with other quality sourced meats and seafood, organic rice and condiments from specialists farmers and award winning suppliers.