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About Us

Trending.SG isn't just like any other listing site. Our aim is to put the power into your hands, so you can vote (or downvote) a particular item that you like (or dislike).

Changed your mind because of a recent poor experience? Simply come back to change your vote. Everything happens in real time. The top voted item in the list may become the last item tomorrow.

Points are awarded as you engage with the website allowing you to move up the membership tier. Earn bragging rights by reaching the prestigious Platinum Tier and you could be the next “Trendsetter”!

In addition to bragging rights, we’d also like to give back something to our contributors. We’re currently working on a catalogue of items where you can use points to exchange for various items. So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime if you have any suggestion or feedback. let us know via the Contact Page. We’d really love to hear from you!