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Best Bubble Tea Brands In Singapore

Best Bubble Tea Brands In Singapore

Bubble Tea shops have been around in Singapore for over a decade with new international chains opening outlets in the recent years. Tell us which is best Bubble Tea in Singapore for you by voting for them here.

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Kurotaki Chabann 黑泷太郎

A Chinese bubble tea brand with over 1000 branches in mainland China, Kurotaki Chabann has brought their qualiTEA to Singapore! Where will they stand in this bubble tea race?


MĀO Milk Bar 肥猫奶茶

Durian lovers rejoice! Upgrade your bubble tea experience at MĀO Milk Bar with their Durian Pearls. Any adventurous souls out there who've tried it? Let us know!


Bobii Frutii

Bobii Frutii is often associated as a bar that sells mocktails, which include bubble tea, fruit juice and yoghurt beverages.


Jiak Zua

Don't you think that Jiak Zua (which means to "eat snake"/to skive) has one of the most creative, tongue-in-cheek bubble tea names? How would you rate them?