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Best Bubble Tea Brands In Singapore

Best Bubble Tea Brands In Singapore

Bubble Tea shops have been around in Singapore for over a decade with new international chains opening outlets in the recent years. Tell us which is best Bubble Tea in Singapore for you by voting for them here.

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Yunique Tea

As its name suggests, Yunique Tea aims to serve unique teas. With a wide range of beverages, you're never going to get bored. How do they fare for you?


Ten Ren Tea 天仁茗茶

Using 100% natural and fresh ingredients, Ten Ren Tea is Taiwan's leading tea chain since 1953. But what do our local Singaporeans think of their drinks?


The Whale Tea

A popular bubble tea chain from China, The Whale Tea arrived on our shores in 2019 and now have two outlets in Singapore. Have you visited The Whale Tea yet? Let us know what you think!


TP Tea

Parented by Taiwanese teahouse Chun Shui Tang, TP Tea is the first halal-certified bubble tea in Singapore. If you've tried their drinks, let us know how you'd rate them!


麥吉 Machi Machi Singapore

Jay Chou endorsed bubble tea? Machi Machi is apparently named afterJay Chou's wife, Hannah Quinlivan’s pet Pomeranian. Have you tried Machi Machi and how would you rate their drinks?



Not to be mistaken for HEYTEA, HEETEA was created at a local alleyway in Guangzhou in 2012, making its way to Singapore's shores in 2017. Does HEETEA have your vote?


JLD Dragon

One of the newest kid on the block, JLD Dragon is a famous Taiwanese bubble tea brand, and the only one that uses 1646 Traditional Okinawa Brown Sugar – the world's healthiest sugar. Is that enough to put them at the top?



A Chinese brand well-loved by celebrities, Nayuki has expanded into Singapore with outlets in Vivocity, Funan and Takashimaya. Have you tried their bubble teas and are they worth the hype?



Owned by veteran Channel 8 host Vivian Lai, Teabrary’s name is a portmanteau of ‘tea’ and ‘library’. How do our local folks find their tea-based beverages?


The Moment

One of the newest players in the game, The Moment originates from Taiwan ZhongLi District. Have you tried any of their drink series? How would you rate them?