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Best Bubble Tea Brands In Singapore

Best Bubble Tea Brands In Singapore

Bubble Tea shops have been around in Singapore for over a decade with new international chains opening outlets in the recent years. Tell us which is best Bubble Tea in Singapore for you by voting for them here.

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The Moment

One of the newest players in the game, The Moment originates from Taiwan ZhongLi District. Have you tried any of their drink series? How would you rate them?



Said to be one of the most underrated bubble tea brands in Singapore, U-Cha offers a wide range of handmade drinks with customizations. Let us know what you think of their menu!


Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Hailing from Taiwan, Yi Fang Fruit Tea's roots are humble and almost accidental, boiling down a grandmother’s recipe of braising overripe pineapples into a golden jam. Have you tried any of their drinks? Let us know!


BCC Tea Studio

BCC Tea Studio is known for how they dress up their drinks. But do they look as good as they taste? Let us know what you think!


Cup Walker

Quality, quantity and affordability – that's what you get at Cup Walker, and it's why many Singaporeans choose them over the bigger bubble tea players. What do you think of Cup Walker?


Chun Fun How

Yet another Taiwanese bubble tea chain has arrived on Singapore’s shores – say hello to Chun Fun How, the first player to create the Sweet Potato Bubble Tea. How would you rate them?



Inspired by its principal brand in Shanghai, MuYoo hopes to restart a healthy living movement in Singapore, defined by its menu of drinks using only the freshest, premium ingredients with zero additives. Will they come out on top in this bubble tea race?



Winnie’s is a Taiwanese brand that prides itself in serving high-quality tea, made with fresh ingredients and preservative-free. Do they have the best bubble teas?


Yuan Cha

Did you know? The founder of Yuan Cha used to run Gong Cha before leaving to establish his own bubble tea brand. Have you tried Yuan Cha and where does it stand in the bubble tea scene?


Hey Long Cha

Introducing Hey Long Cha, a fresh tea brewery concept flown in from Taiwan. Described as "natural, pure and healthy", only high quality tea leaves imported from Taiwan are used at this bubble tea chain. Let us know your thoughts about them!