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Best Bubble Tea Brands In Singapore

Best Bubble Tea Brands In Singapore

Bubble Tea shops have been around in Singapore for over a decade with new international chains opening outlets in the recent years. Tell us which is best Bubble Tea in Singapore for you by voting for them here.

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Nine Fresh

A local brand specializing in Taiwanese dessert, Nine Fresh also has a range of bubble teas that's said to be delightful. How would you rate them?



PARTEA integrates Taiwan's Alpine with tropical fruits, introducing a sense of vitality into traditional culture. Are they the best bubble tea brand?


I Love Taimei

I Love Taimei claims to have the best Pearl Milk Tea in Singapore? Do you agree? Vote to let us know!


Tea Tree Café

Best known for their Roselle pearls which add an interesting twist to their milk tea, Tea Tree Café serves not just bubble tea, but also traditional desserts! Do you think they're one of the best in Singapore?



HOLLIN is a collective of tea and pearl artisans, specializing in daily handcrafted pearls of unique flavours for different days of the week! Are they the best bubble tea brand in Singapore?



Originating from Taiwan's famous Shilin Night Market in 2010, Jenjudan is well known for its brown sugar pearls that are infused with homemade caramelised sugar. Come let us know what you think about Jenjudan's drinks by casting your vote for the best bubble tea in Singapore here.


Kung Fu Tea

Cultivated in Taiwan, Kung Fu Tea has fans in over 10 countries. Have you tried their bubble tea creations? Let us know your honest thoughts!



Woobbee has some interesting drinks, such as Herbalmint Milk Tea made with Pei Pa Kao (yes, the Chinese cough medicine.) Have you tried any of them and is it for you?


Chun Yang Tea 春陽茶事

Located at Jewel and Orchard Central, Chun Yang Tea hails from Taiwan and specializes in an array of modern bubble tea drinks inspired from traditional recipes. Where do they stand on this list?



One of the most popular players in its native Taiwan, DABOBA took the country’s bubble tea scene by storm and made its way to our local shores. Vote to tell us if you love them!