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Best Japanese Omakase Restaurant In Singapore

Best Japanese Omakase Restaurant In Singapore

Omakase means "I will leave it up to you". At Japanese omakase restaurants, the customer leaves it up to the chef to select and serve seasonal ingredients and specialities, leaving room for creative freedom for the chef and an element of surprise for the diner.

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Sushi Mitsuya

Sushi Mitsuya is a niche Japanese Sushi restaurant focused on providing an exclusive and bespoke dining experience with seasonal ingredients, taking the art of Omakase to heights as yet unexplored. Did you enjoy the omakase here? Give it your vote!


Sushi Murasaki

Sushi Murasaki specialises in omakase using seasonal fish freshly-flown directly from Tokyo's famous Toyosu Fish Market. Love the omakase here? Vote for it now!



Syun's nouvelle interpretation of Japanese fine dining fuses Japanese and European cooking techniques with fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Love the omakase here? Give it your vote.


Takayama Japanese Restaurant

The menu at Takayama pays homage to the food culture in Osaka, which came to be known during the Edo period as "the kitchen of the world" and where people, to this day, take great pride in their local cuisine. Love the omakase here? Give it your vote!


Teppei Japanese Restaurant

Teppei Japanese Restaurant is 22 counter seater Japanese restaurant famous for its great value omakase set dinners and barachirashi (sashimi rice) lunch bowls. If this is your favourite omakase restaurant, give it your vote!


YUZU Japanese Restaurant

Located in a shophouse in Holland Village, YUZU Japanese Restaurant serves omakase sets using fresh seasonal ingredients. Love the omakase here? Give it your vote!