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Tiger Sugar Has a Limited Edition Snack to Go With Your Bubble Tea

Are you a fan of brown sugar milk tea? Here’s something new to try from Tiger Sugar! The current #1 best selling item in Tiger Sugar Taiwan is now available in Singapore.

What is it?

The Tiger Sugar Black Sugar Popcorn is as its name implies – crisp puffed popcorn coated with caramelised black sugar. Black sugar is different from brown sugar in that it has a stronger taste and it’s unrefined with molasses and contains minerals like potassium and iron, while brown sugar is often white sugar mixed with molasses syrup.

At first glance, the Tiger Sugar Black Sugar Popcorn reminds us of Garrett Popcorn’s CaramelCrisp, although the latter is a darker brown. And at first whiff, we were greeted by a familiar sweet fragrance that is akin to the aroma of Tiger Sugar’s signature black sugar syrup.

Each mouthful delivers a satisfying crunch from the caramelized black sugar, and we were first greeted by a sweetness which is then followed by a strong milk tea flavour which reminds us of Tiger Sugar’s Brown Sugar Milk Tea. There’s also a subtle saltiness to the popcorn, which I found interesting as it helps to balance out the sweetness from the black sugar.

The popcorn isn’t cloying and overwhelmingly sweet, which makes it pretty ideal as a midday snack, or as an accompaniment to your Netflix shows. The downside is that you might find it pretty hard to stop!

Where to buy?

The Tiger Sugar Black Sugar Popcorn is available at all Tiger Sugar outlets, with the exception of Pasarbella at Suntec City. These little puffs of delight are currently going at a promotional price of $3.90 before reverting to its original price of $4.90. Even then, it’s still at a much cheaper price point than other gourmet popcorn brands!

And if you’re buying any other Tiger Sugar products at the outlets, such as their Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl with Cream Mousse or Brown Sugar Green Tea with Boba, you can throw in a pack of the popcorn for just $3.50! 

And lastly for those who are still on that #WFH and #StayHome life, you can hop over to Tiger Sugar’s online store and have the goodies delivered to you. There’s a promotional double bundle pack for $7, or experience the best Tiger Sugar with The Favourite FOUR! At S$28.40, you’ll receive four of Tiger Sugar’s best sellers which include a Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Mousse, a Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl Milk with Mousse, a packet of the Tiger Sugar Black Sugar Popcorn along with a box of Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream!Have you already tried the popcorn? Comment and let us know what you think! Also, don’t forget to vote for your favourite bubble tea brand in Singapore if you haven’t already.

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