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Best Local Ice Cream Cafes

Best Local Ice Cream Cafes

There's just something special about ice cream. It can lift moods, bring people together, and get adults to think back on their happy childhood days. There are many ice cream cafes in Singapore, with several specialising in local flavours such as chendol, pulut hitam to durian. Which are the best ice cream cafes in Singapore? Let's find out!

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Based in one of the oldest heartland estates in Singapore, Creamier is an independent ice cream and coffee lifestyle café. Vote to tell us if they have the best ice cream!


Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise delights in creating gelato of the finest quality, inspired by the botanical flavours of nature. Do they have the best ice cream in Singapore? Vote to let us know!


Denzy Gelato

Denzy Gelato is a new and upcoming gelateria located in Bishan. The gelato here is home made using quality ingredients. The flavours change weekly and you can expect unique flavours like tBurnt Rice, gula melaka & avocado, whisky & salted pecan brittle amongst others. Give Denzy your vote if it's your favourite ice cream cafe!


Sunday Folks

The sweet treats at Sunday Folks are inspired by wonderful stories and flavours from around the world. Taking inspiration that one could enjoy a moment of laid-back Sunday vibes any day, it's no wonder they're so well-loved by many Singaporeans. Do you think they're the best?


Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks takes its gelato making very seriously. Our decadent, creamy gelato flavours are churned daily in small batches by a skilled team of dedicated gelato makers. If this is your favourite ice cream cafe, vote for it now!


FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

Serving chef-made ice-cream made from fresh ingredients and modern cooking techniques, the frozen delights at FATCAT Ice Cream Bar are sophisticated and simply impeccable. Do they have a thumbs up from you?


The Daily Scoop

Boldly venturing into experimenting, concocting and sharing their love for ice cream, The Daily Scoop has many customers’ stamp of approval. Are you one of them? Vote to let us know.



Carrara serves handmade gelato that does not contain any artifical flavouring or gelatine. With less air & fats than traditional ice cream, Carrara's gelato offers a healtheir dessert option. If you love the ice cream here, vote for it now!


Kind Kones

Kind Kones serves the health conscious crowd with vegan, gluten free and healthy ice cream for a guilt-free indulgence. If you think the ice cream here is better than regular ones, give it your vote!


KOOKS Creamery

Kooks Creamery specialises in lava cookie and ice cream pairings using cookies freshly baked in store, and house churned ice cream. If you love the ice cream and cookies here, give KOOKS your vote.