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Best Local Ice Cream Cafes

Best Local Ice Cream Cafes

There's just something special about ice cream. It can lift moods, bring people together, and get adults to think back on their happy childhood days. There are many ice cream cafes in Singapore, with several specialising in local flavours such as chendol, pulut hitam to durian. Which are the best ice cream cafes in Singapore? Let's find out!

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Carrara serves handmade gelato that does not contain any artifical flavouring or gelatine. With less air & fats than traditional ice cream, Carrara's gelato offers a healtheir dessert option. If you love the ice cream here, vote for it now!


Kindred Folk

Kindred Folk specialises in handmade ice creams, and you can sometimes catch them in action churning the ice cream in house. The ice cream comes in flavours like spring rose, earl grey, pistachio, chunky banana, apple pie, and more. If you love the ice cream here, give it your vote!


Kind Kones

Kind Kones serves the health conscious crowd with vegan, gluten free and healthy ice cream for a guilt-free indulgence. If you think the ice cream here is better than regular ones, give it your vote!


The Humble Scoop

The Humble Scoop serves homemade ice cream inspired by nostalgic local flavours like haw flakes, pulut hitam, and coconut and gula melaka inspired by kuehs. If you love the ice cream here, give it your vote!


KOOKS Creamery

Kooks Creamery specialises in lava cookie and ice cream pairings using cookies freshly baked in store, and house churned ice cream. If you love the ice cream and cookies here, give KOOKS your vote.


Dopa Dopa Creamery

With a name derived from Dopamine, a hormone that regulates our happiness and mood, Dopa Dopa is an artisanal ice cream and coffee shop serving creamy gelato in unique flavours like coconut pandan, toasted rice, hojicha and guava, made with natural ingredients. If this is your favourite ice cream cafe, vote for it now!


Lickety Ice Cream and Waffles

Lickety Ice Cream and Waffles offers seasonal ice cream flavours to go with its freshly made egglet waffles. You can choose from ice cream flavours like honey lavender, avocado, gula melaka & coconut, paired with red velvet or buttermilk waffles. If you love this ice cream parlour, give it your vote.


Cottontail Creamery

Cottontail Creamery is a cafe serving artisanal ice cream, brunch, waffles, crepes and coffee. Its ice cream comes in flavours like Hokkaido Milk, Lychee Martini, Passionfruit & Cream, Vegan Blackforest, Olive Oil & Blackcurrant and even Craft Beer IPA. If you love the ice cream here, give it your vote!


Holy Cow Creamery

Nestled amidst the quiet, laid-back charms of the old Yishun town, Holy Cow Creamery is a choice chill-out spot for many northerners. Is it one of yours? Vote to let us know.


Ice Cream Chefs

Ice Cream Chefs is a cozy estate ice cream parlour has been serving homemade ice cream since 2007. It serves ice cream in innovative flavours like Milo Peng, Soursop, Turkey Apple Tea, Honey Sea Coconut and many more. Is this your favourite ice cream parlour? Vote for it now!