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Pizza Hut Launches Bubble Tea Pizza and We're Not Sure How We Feel

From bubble tea candles to bubble tea soaps, we’ve just about seen it all. Then Pizza Hut presents the newest Singaporean bubble tea innovation – a pizza topped with boba pearls!

Named the Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza, the creation combines both sweet and savoury flavours. It is a classic thick crust mozzarella cheese pizza with a sweet brown sugar milk tea sauce, bubble tea pearls and marshmallow. Essentially, a dessert pizza, and one that will make any eight-year-old at heart go, "This will be my breakfast, lunch and dinner!" The pizza is also shaped like a flower, which is a pretty unorthodox shape for a pizza.

According to Pizza Hut, the team wanted to combine two of Singaporeans’ favourites – pizza and bubble tea. They’re convinced that it is the “perfect combination of the nation’s favourite food items” and that it combines” to make a perfect sweet and savoury pizza, guaranteeing love at first bite." 

The release has definitely intrigued many. If you’re up to try it, the Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza is available across 67 Pizza Hut stores and via home delivery until 30 March 2021. It is available in a Personal Pan (S$11.80), Regular (S$24.80 for dine-in, S$29.20 for delivery), and Large (S$33.30 for dine-in, S$39.40 for delivery).

The fast food chain is also running promotional bundles that start from just S$11.80 for a Boba Set for one which comes with a side and drink, available at all their dine-in restaurants. In addition, there’s also 50% off all pizza flavours when you order two pizzas for delivery, or when one pizza is ordered for takeaway.

However, reading the reviews online, we can’t say that we’re thrilled to try it.

The folks at Mothership.SG commented that it is “At best, discombobulating. At worst, it has no place on the table during meal times.”


Over at TODAY, it wasn’t quite the sweet and savoury combination they were expecting. While the mozzarella pizza by itself is pretty satisfying, the pearls added “a rather moreish chewiness” and overall the pizza tasted like “someone accidentally spilled a cup of brown sugar pearl milk tea on it.”

AsiaOne agreed that the cheesiness of the pizza “just didn't gel very well together with the other components of the pizza.”

We’re usually all about bubble tea anything and everything, but this time round, we’re just not very sure about this one...

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