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This New Stall in Jurong East is a Permanent Pasar Malam

With Covid-19 taking over the world for over a year now, strolling in a pasar malam is an activity I’m sure many of us miss. And to deliver a double whammy, the Geylang Serai bazaar will be cancelled again this year for the second year running.

Thankfully, not all hope is lost and a bibik is here to our rescue! Known only as Asnizar, the owner used to sell food at our local pasar malams and has now brought the goodies that we love and miss to a shop in Jurong East.

Named Pasar Malam Corner, the stall went viral after the owner’s daughter posted about it on Twitter. As of today, the tweet has been retweeted and liked by thousands of people who are eager to support the business and ease their cravings.

The newly opened Pasar Malam Corner is located right outside JCube, next to Snip Avenue and clearly visible from the junction. 

On the menu you’ll find many familiar favourites and quintessentials of pasar malams, such as the Ramly burger. You can get one here for $4, with your choice of chicken or beef. They also sell Roti John ($4), an omelette sandwich with chicken and a saucy mix of ketchup, chilli, and mayonnaise. 

Another great pasar malam snack is Takoyaki (from $3), the cute Japanese snack in the shape of a little round ball. Get them in six or eight, or get the largest size which comes with ten balls to share amongst friends (or eat all of them by yourself, we won’t judge!)

Apart from these classic pasar malam snacks, you’ll also find other goodies such as epok-epok, pisang goreng, vadai, keria and apam balik in a variety of flavours. 

Need a more filling meal? Pasar Malam Corner also has mains such as nasi lemak, nasi padang, ayam penyet, mee rebus, mee soto, lontong and more. The best part? Most of them are super wallet-friendly at just $4 and below! 

Last but not least, quench your thirst with the beverages that you’ll find at pasar malams. Folks missing the vibrant streets of Bangkok can go for the Thai Tea ($2.50) or Thai Green Tea ($2.50). Or, stick with our local favourite, Bandung ($1.50).

The next time you’re in Jurong East, make sure to check out this stall and support local businesses! You can ease your pasar malam cravings anytime between 9am to 9pm. 

Address: 135 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-333, Singapore 600135

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