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Best Roti Prata in Singapore

Best Roti Prata in Singapore

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, you can always trust in roti prata to hit the right spot every time. Not to mention, it is such a crucial part of Singapore's food identity!

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The Roti Prata House

Located at Upper Thomson, it's common to find them fully packed at night on weekends, where many locals flock to for their supper fix. No surprise, considering that they have the largest variety of pratas in Singapore. Vote if they're your top prata spot!


Springleaf Prata Place

One of the most innovative prata places in town, think extra special creations such as Plaster Blaster and Prata Benedict! No wonder so many Singaporeans love them. Vote if you do too!


Sin Ming Roti Prata

The consistent queues at Sin Ming Roti Prata is a testament to how highly rated they are. Vote if you agree they're the best in Singapore!


Casuarina Curry

As one of the most popular prata stalls in Singapore, Casuarina Curry has a throng of loyal fans and needs no introduction. Are you one of them? Vote to let us know!


Al-Ameen Eating House

One of the top go-to places to satisfy all prata cravings, Al-Ameen Eating House is a staple supper spot for many Bukit Timah residents. Vote if they have the best prata in town!


Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata

Mr and Mrs Mohgan are THE prata couple in Singapore, and their pratas have truly captured the hearts and stomachs of many. Are you one those who've braved their waiting times? Vote to let us know!


Julaiha Muslim Restuarant

Open 24 hours, Julaiha Muslim Restuarant is another popular supper spot located along the foodie stretch of MacPherson. How do they stand amongst other prata stalls?


New Mahamoodiya Restaurant

Open 24 hours and seven days a week, New Mahamoodiya Restaurant is a reliable spot to tackle your prata cravings when they strike. Are they the best in Singapore?


Rahmath Cheese Prata

A hidden gem in Toa Payoh, Rahmath Cheese Prata is a Makansutra’s five-chopsticks ‘Divine’ award holder! How would you rate their prata?


Haq-Insaf's Eating House

A popular supper spot for many residents in the West Coast area, Haq-Insaf's Eating House is a halal, indian muslim and thai muslim food stall with creative prata dishes. Let us know if you love their prata!