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Best Pizza Places In Singapore

Best Pizza Places In Singapore

We never say no to pizza, and the same should apply to you. Just think about it – a piping hot slice loaded with meats, veggies, and lots of cheesy goodness? Eating the best pizza feels like every mouth you take takes your breath away.

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Alt. Pizza

From mouth-watering starters, innovative Signature pizzas and famous “Design-It-Yourself” option, with an infinite number of unique pizza combinations, Alt. Pizza will satisfy every pizza craving you have. Come vote for them if you think they are the best pizza in town. If not, come check out the rest of the list and see who is the best.


Bella Pizza

As one of the most loved Italian pizzas in Singapore, Bella Pizza is consistently on the list of Best Pizzas in print publications and online over the years. How would they rank on this list of best pizzas in Singapore though? YOU have the right to decide their faith now.


Capri Trattoria And Pizzeria

Indulge in your beloved pizzas at a Roman age decorated restaurant at Capri Trattoria And Pizzeria. We heard that their pizzas are legit but we would like to hear from you personally. Cast your vote to decide if they are good enough to be on the list for Singapore's best pizzas.


La Pizzaiola

La Pizzaiola serves as a reminder of the owners' favourite pizza restaurant back in Italy. Let us know what you think of their pizzas by voting thumbs up or thumbs down for them in our list of the best pizzas in Singapore.


Pizzeria L’Operetta

Pizzeria L’Operetta is a casual dining concept that characterized by a distinct ceiling and Italian Renaissance mural. And, we would like to know how delicious their pizzas are from real customers. Vote for them now to let us know if their pizzas are good enough to be one of the best pizzas in Singapore.



Nestled in Chinatown Complex, Cugini is well-known within locals. However, are they the creme de la creme of Singapore's best pizzas? Let us know and we shall see how they rank.


La Forketta Gastronomia Italiana

We have been told that the traditional genuine wood-fired baked sourdough pizza is the signature for La Forketta. Come in to check out our list of Singapore's best pizzas and vote for your favourite pizza in town.


Le Braceria Pizza & Grill

La Braceria is an Italian restaurant based in Bukit Timah and is well-loved. Out of curiosity, we would like to see how well-loved exactly they are. So, we need your help in voting for the best pizzas in Singapore now.



Motorino has been said to be one of Singapore's best pizzas. What say you? Are they as good as they claim?


Pizza Fabbrica

Pizza Fabbrica is an authentic Italian wood-fired pizzeria and bar serving traditional recipes in a modern setting. How good are their pizzas in your mind? Let us know the answer through your vote.