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5 Halal Dim Sum in Singapore That Are Just As Authentic

It’s not hard to see why dim sum is a common favourite in Asia. These little morsels of delights can be enjoyed at any time of the day, but we’re often at a fix when it comes to finding halal dim sum in Singapore. Thankfully, in recent years there’s been a rise in halal-certified dim sum eateries that cater to the Muslim market!

Here are five halal dim sum places to curb your cravings!

Tang Tea House

At Tang Tea House, you’ll find an exhaustive menu featuring dim sum delights, rice and noodle options, comforting porridges and refreshing desserts. Don’t miss out on their specialties – Lobster Mai, BBQ Chicken Pau and the Soup Shrimp Ball. Their prices are also very reasonable, so you can definitely indulge here!

Address: Multiple outlets

The Dim Sum Place

This halal Cantonese restaurant is said to be THE dim sum place. Satisfy your cravings and get a little adventurous with their unique twists, as evident from their Fried Siew Mai which is traditionally served steamed. Go on and savour other unique items such as Vermicelli Roll with Roasted Duck Cha Shu and Diced Chicken Salted Fish Dumpling.

Address: 791 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198759

Streats Hong Kong Cafe

Streats Hong Kong Cafe has 10 outlets scattered across the island, making them a convenient spot to indulge in a wide array of dim sum classics such as Chicken Siew Mai, Pan-fried Chicken Dumpling and Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling. We also highly recommend their all-time favourite, Salted Egg Yolk Pumpkin Fries!

Address: Multiple outlets

Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House

We would describe Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House as more of a fusion eatery as they serve a wide variety of cuisines including Western, Indian, Thai and of course, Hong Kong cuisines. They have two outlets in Singapore but we prefer the East Coast outlet as you can enjoy your dim sum delights outside while enjoying the oceanfront view.

Address: Multiple outlets

89.7 Supper Club

89.7 Supper Club has two outlets in Changi Village and Geylang East for your late night lepak sessions. They have a total of 25 dim sum items on their menu featuring classics such as Steamed Chicken Dumpling, Siew Mai and Har Kow, and they also serve up a wide variety of other food items such as western fare, bbq seafood, indian and halal tze char! 

Address: Multiple outlets

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