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Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore

Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore

Dim sum, yum cha – call it what you want, but the debate never ends: which fancy dim sum restaurant does it best in Singapore?

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Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is an authentic Taiwanese restaurant that has grown globally in the last 40 years. Their branch in HK has received Michelin star for a few years but what about the branch in Singapore? Is Din Tai Fung in Singapore any good at dim sum? Let's find out!


Asia Grand Restaurant

Asia Grand Restaurant is helmed by the 3 founders of Singapore's famous Tsui Hang Village Of the 80s. We would expect them to know the Singapore palette best. Tell us if you agree or disagree with how great tasting their dim sums are today.


Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

The first Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant was opened at Novena Gardens in 2002. Since then, they have been serving delicious dim sum to patrons. However, how is the quality of their dim sum compared to all the other dim sum restaurants in Singapore?


Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine

With its vast array of iconic Chinese delicacies and commitment to impeccable service, Imperial Treasure has become synonymous with authentic fine Chinese cuisine especially in Singapore. Thus, it is only expected that Imperial Treasure serves the best dim sum in Singapore, right? Or, no?


Taste Paradise

Listed as one of Singapore’s Top 10 Chinese Restaurants, award-winning Taste Paradise prides itself as a strong upstart in Chinese fine dining. Do they also deserve to be ranked as the top restaurant for dim sum in Singapore? Let us find out in this search for the best dim sum restaurant here.


Hua Ting

Hua Ting is one of the oldest and said to be one of the finest Chinese hotels restaurants in Singapore. They claim to serve premium quality dim sum and we would like to find out from you how true that is. Let us know now.


Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

It has been applauded Singapore Tatler magazine's “Singapore’s Best Restaurants” since 1991 and “Singapore’s Top Restaurants” by Wine & Dine magazine since 1997. We wonder if they can live up to their reputation if YOU get to be the judge of how good their dim sum is.


Lei Garden restuarant

Lei Garden has successfully built up its business over the last forty years to a restaurant empire that comprises 24 branches across Hong Kong, Macau, China and Singapore. Yet, we wonder if they are the best dim sum restaurant in Singapore. Come vote and leave us your comment here.


Mott 32

Located in Marina Bay, dishes from the Mott 32's kitchen capture the same dramatic flair as its name. It's pricing is definitely premium but how can we assure their taste to be the same if it is not for asking your assistance. Vote now!