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Best Affordable Dim Sum In Singapore

Best Affordable Dim Sum In Singapore

Hunting down affordable (max. $20/pax) dim sum in Singapore is not that hard as there is an abundance of dim sum spots in the city. However, not all dim sums taste great and some dim sums can be rather disappointing. Let's find out where we should head to for some delicious, yet affordable dim sum!

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Swee Choon

For over 55 years, Swee Choon has been inspiring simple joys as Singapore’s happiest dim sum haven. Or at least that's what they claim! Let us know what you think about them. Come vote and let us know your opinion, and find out who's the top-ranking affordable dim sum spot in Singapore.


Tim Ho Wan

A Michelin star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan is one of the most well-known dim sum restaurants in the world. How well do they fare against our fierce competitors in this list? Click in here to find out and vote for your favourite affordable dim sum spot!


126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi 揾到食

Dim sum for supper? Why not? 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi 揾到食 is here to satisfy your late-night dim sum cravings at an affordable price. Would you rate them highly, or do you think they're just so-so?


Victor's Kitchen

Victor's Kitchen is an old school Singaporean dim sum diner. Walking into the shop itself would bring you back to the 80s' but, do their dim sums bring you back to an authentic dim sum time? Let us know by voting for your favourite affordable dim sum spot in this list.


Yi Dian Xin Hong Kong Dim Sum

Located in a coffee shop in Kovan, Yi Dian Xin prides itself to be an authentic Hong Kong dim sum stall. We like affordable dim sum but we are also greedy... We want affordable AND delicious dim sum. Help us clear the air about Yi Dian Xin and let us know if it's one of the best affordable dim sum spots!


Kuai San Dian Xin

Kuai San Dian Xin literally means "$1.30 per dim sum" in Mandarin. Would its ultra-affordable prices affect its taste? We are looking for delicious yet affordable dim sum spots in Singapore. Come check out our list and share your experience with us!


Dim Sum Haus

When we think affordable, we don't really expect it to be at $5 per dim sum. Dim Sum Haus definitely beats its competitors at pricing, but are they the best affordable dim sum spot in Singapore? Tell us by leaving your vote/comments!


Shi Wei Xian Hong Kong Dim Sum

Only on the weekends, you can expect a big crowd at Shi Wei Xian Hong Kong Dim Sum each Saturday and Sunday. Maybe they are busy making dim sums carefully on weekdays to ensure they have the best tasting yet affordable dim sum for everyone. What say you? Leave your vote and comment in our link to find out which of these dim sum stops are the best.


Lai Kee Dim Sum

Lai Kee can be found in a few spots around Singapore but, how tasty are their dim sums? We wonder what the public think about that. So, cast your vote and leave your comments to help us decide who should be at the top of our affordable dim sum list!


Mong Kok Dim Sum

Is fried carrot cake your favourite dim sum? Us too! A little bird told us that Mong Kok Dim Sum has the best pan-fried carrot cake and their dim sums are very much affordable. Have you tried it out? Vote and let us know what you think!