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6 Gaming Chairs in Singapore From Just $190

Whether you’re a gamer or not, gaming chairs offer some of the best support for sitting long hours in front of a computer screen. Sure, there are also ergonomic chairs for that, but I just think that gaming chairs are much more aesthetically pleasing than office chairs. Equipped with swanky features like adjustable lumbar supports and even built-in back massagers, gaming chairs can get costly. Thankfully, there are many gaming chairs at different price points that not only look good, they also do their work well. Here are our favourite gaming chairs in Singapore!

1. Kane X Argus ($189.90)

Local furniture site FortyTwo has ventured into the world of gaming furniture with Kane X. On sale right now at just $189.90, the sleek-looking Kane X Argus comes in at first place for its great value. Features wise, it is made with high density and quality foam, built-in lumbar support and allows for 120-degree tilt angle. Finally, it is finished with PU leather for maximum durability and easy maintenance. It might lack the sleekness of more expensive chairs in the market, but the many reviewers all agree that it does a great job for this price. If you’d like to try out the chair before making the purchase, you can do so by making an appointment at homely at FortyTwo!

2. Anda Seat Assassin ($299)

Anda Seat’s Assassin pairs an enhanced steel frame and high density memory foam that moulds itself to your body while providing stable support. It also features a high back with built-in headrest and lumbar support. The Anda Seat Assassin offers great performance whether used during long gaming sessions or extended work hours. Additional features consist of  2D adjustable armrests, adjustable seat height, and tilt angle of up to 160 degrees. Designed in an ergonomic race car seat design, it is covered with PVC leather for its durability and resistance to stains and scratches.

3. Royale Athena ($469)

Royale Ergonomics is one of the most popular gaming chair brands in Singapore. What’s different about them is that their gaming chairs come in a wide range of materials and colours, and there is even an option to customise your seat with names or logos! After making waves locally with Royale Poseidon, the company released Royale Athena earlier this year, which is built for people who are smaller and under 165cm. Despite being dainty, the inner hardwares that trump up the chair are just as unyielding as the Royale Poseidon. It also features fully adjustable 4D armrests and a full length backrest incline of up to 165 degrees!

4. Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 ($544)

Secretlab has outdone itself with the TITAN Evo 2022 series, which features improved ergonomics with a new lumbar support system. It intelligently adapts to the unique curvature of your spine, which is a big upgrade from their previous chairs. It even introduces three new sizes: small, regular and XL to cater to folks of all different sizes! We also love that it comes in different materials. The Secretlab NEO™Hybrid Leatherette is twelve times more durable than regular PU leather despite being incredibly plush and supple. And if you’re a fan of their fabric chairs, the SoftWeave® Plus fabric has also gotten an upgrade that is now stronger, softer and more breathable!

5. Ergotune Supreme ($599)

You might associate gaming chairs with thick padded cushions that make it bulky but Ergotune is another local brand here to shake things up. Made of hybrid mesh, the Ergotune Supreme is designed for breathability and durability. We all know the feeling of getting sweaty thighs when sitting in a gaming chair that’s not typically breathable. In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, this chair is a godsent. It also features a lumbar support that shifts with your body to automatically fit your natural curve. And with 11 adjustment points, the chair ensures a tailored fit that’s like your second skin.

6. Predator X OSIM uThrone ($949)

Upgrading to a proper chair can help to alleviate some of your back pains, but OSIM takes it to the next level by combining a massage chair and a gaming chair into one! Its V-Hand™ Technology emulates the flexibility of a masseuse's hands, while 360-degree massage rollers help deliver a targeted neck and shoulder massage for effective pain relief. An adjustable headrest and removable lumbar cushion provides posture support, while built-in speakers lend a booming surround sound experience to go with your games (or Netflix). While the massage function can be rather distracting when you’re in a serious game or work mode, it’s a nice way to relax after that.

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