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4 Most Affordable Gyms in Singapore With Membership Plans Under $100

We’ve all seen the ads selling us a glamorous life with toned abs and youthful skin – you just need to fork out hundreds of dollars for their membership each month! Getting in shape and keeping fit shouldn’t be something that puts a hole in the wallet, so look to these affordable gyms in Singapore that are just as well-equipped as premium gyms!

1. ActiveSG

The OG gym in Singapore, ActiveSG has all the basic equipment you need for weight training and also cardio machines like treadmills. It’s a no-frills gym, and memberships start from just $30 per month. They’re even cheaper ($15 per month) if you go for off-peak timings! If you’re not ready to commit, ActiveSG also allows guests to use facilities commitment at a $2.50 entry fee ($1.50 for senior citizens and students!) The gyms do get pretty crowded before and after work hours, but you’re sure to find a suitable spot with over 20 ActiveSG gyms islandwide!

2. The Gym Pod

The first of its kind in Asia, The Gym Pod has 24-hour smart containers at multiple locations to make fitness easier and more accessible for the masses. All you have to do is book your slot on The Gym Pod app. You can also choose to book the entire pod just for yourself and your friends, or share the pod with other gym-goers. Prices start from $7.50 per person during off-peak hours, or $9 in total ($4.50 per person) if you bring a friend!

3. Dennis Gym

Founded by Dennis Tew, former bodybuilder and national coach, Dennis Gym provides quality fitness training equipment and services. It’s affordable for a 24-hour gym, and membership prices get cheaper if you sign up for longer plans, with the 6-month contract offering the best value at just $49.44 per month. Get this promo just by liking and sharing their Facebook page!

4. Gymmboxx

Gymmboxx has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a gym atop a multi-storey carpark in Bedok. One of the pioneers in offering affordable gym memberships, GYMMBOXX was among the first to operate as a per-entry gym in Singapore. They have lots of well-equipped facilities and have seven locations in Singapore, with 24-hour no-frills access! Like Dennis Gym, membership rates get more affordable with longer plans, ranging from $50 for senior citizens, $60 for students and $75 for adults for a yearly plan. 

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