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5 Pottery Workshops in Singapore to Make Your Own Ceramic Wares

When people think of creative pastimes, the first things to come to mind are usually art jamming, perhaps watercolour and modern calligraphy classes. Less talked about are pottery classes, which makes for an equally therapeutic session, and is great for those who love getting their hands dirty (literally). Not to mention, you get to create your own ceramic pieces in all of these classes, and get to bring home your one-of-a-kind creation!

Bid goodbye to boring weekends. Here is a list of some of the best pottery workshops in Singapore!

Thow Kwang Pottery

As one of the last two dragon kilns in Singapore, Thow Kwang has been a pioneer in Singapore for all kinds of pottery and ceramic arts. The family business has remained relevant through the changing times, and they have reinvented themselves to serve as an educational platform. Today, they have workshops to educate us younger folks on the beauty of ceramic arts. You will learn about the history of dragon kilns, how the kiln is fired up, different techniques of pottery making and ways of glazing your artwork! Come back in 3-4 weeks’ time to collect your final artwork.

Price: From S$35/pax

Studio Asobi

Studio Asobi is run by a husband-and-wife duo. Holding the belief that art should be a blessing to others, they also provide part-time employment for pregnant ladies and young mothers in need. In their single-session workshop tailored for beginners, you will get an overview of pottery making and learn about how to use handbuilding and coiling techniques to create your own unique vessel. In addition, you will learn how to form attachments such as handles, and decorative techniques. It also includes trying out the electric pottery wheel! Collection of the fired pottery would be 2-3 weeks after the workshop.

Price: S$90/pax

Goodman Ceramic Studio

Imagine sitting on your couch and sipping your favourite drink out of a mug that you made! In this workshop by Goodman Ceramic Studio, create a unique mug that expresses your unique personality and style. A pre-formed cylinder and guidance will be provided, and the rest is up to you and your imagination! Experienced ceramicists will be there to provide any help you need along the way. This workshop can also be customized for kids and elderly!

Price: S$55/pax

Mud Rock Ceramics

They’ve created ceramic wares for local restaurants and even a whole tea set for the Queen of England, so you know they’re the real deal. Mud Rock Ceramics runs ad hoc classes on alternate Friday evenings where you’ll have 2.5 hours to have a go at the Potter’s wheel and create your own ceramic piece. All tools required will be provided, along with trimming, glazing, firing of one item, and as much clay as you want to use. If you’d like to commit to the art, the studio also conducts a Beginner’s Course with five lessons where you will master the foundations of the art!

Price: S$83/pax (ad hoc classes), S$315/pax (Beginner’s Course)

School of Clay Arts (SOCA)

The Intro to Pottery workshop will be a hands-on experience with the method of coiling and pinching with clay, and you will also be guided on how to use the banding wheel. Handbuilding allows participants to have greater control of their outcomes such as sizes and forms, and at the end of the day you will achieve your very own vessels such as cups, mugs, small vases and bowls! SOCA will also deliver your completed piece to you in 3-4 weeks after it has been fired. Looking for more? Sign up for their fundamentals course which consists of four lessons!

Price: S$98/pax (Intro to Pottery), S$280/pax (Pottery Fundamentals: Handbuilding)

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