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10 Surprising Things You Can Make in a Rice Cooker

Your rice cooker probably makes perfect rice every time, but did you know that it can also make curries, soups, Japanese pancakes, eggs, and even chocolate cakes? If you can name it, you can probably make it. Read on and discover some of the most interesting recipes you can make with your rice cooker!

KFC chicken rice

When the KFC Chicken Rice recipe went viral in Japan, many people hopped onto the bandwagon and recreated it with their rice cookers. If you haven’t tried it for yourself, this recipe is an easy way to turn a signature dish into a flavorful, rice-based meal that might even give our local chicken rice a run for its money. 

Muah chee

Yes, you read that right. Some of you may have come across netizen Leslie Koh’s viral recipes on Facebook, where he whips up dishes using only a rice cooker. With the COVID-19 situation, Leslie figured that it would be some time before we can visit a Pasar Malam again, so he created a version of muah chee to bring the pasar malam to your house instead.

Chicken and daikon soup

It’s been raining quite a lot recently, which makes it a perfect time to try out this soup recipe where ginger chicken and shiitake mushrooms come together in a full-flavored broth that will warm you to your bones. By setting the rice cooker first to “cook” and then to “warm” ensures that the broth gets a rich, slow-cooked taste in a fraction of the time it would take in a slow cooker.

Japanese pancakes

Ever wanted to try the fluffy pancakes synonymous with Japan? Apparently they are super easy to make and nearly impossible to mess up using a rice cooker. Just be sure not to overmix, as it will cause the pancakes to be less fluffy and more chewy. Simply follow this recipe, toss the pancake mix into the rice cooker, and bid goodbye to standing over the stove.

Char siew

Char siew in a rice cooker!? All you have to do is marinade the meat adequately before tossing it in a rice cooker. The result is a roasted, slow-cooked taste as it simmers in the marinade sauce. A great dish in half the time it would take in a slow cooker or oven!

Chicken potato curry

Who says that curry has to be difficult? This recipe is ridiculously simple to follow and make. Plus, it uses common ingredients, so no need to go hunting for obscure spices! Simply throw the ingredients in the rice cooker after a long day, and the wafting smell of curry will revive you.

Mac & cheese

If there's one thing we can't turn down, it’s a hearty bowl of mac and cheese! It takes just a few ingredients to create this comfort food staple, and the result is promising. So you can pass on the blue box with its bright orange cheese flavored powder, and make your own mac & cheese from scratch in about the same amount of time.

Tomato rice

Another way to zhoosh up plain rice is by turning it into tomato rice! Besides adding a pop of colour into your meal, it also adds a taste. You can also get creative and add in toppings such as frozen sweet corn, carrots, mushrooms, meats or veggies. The possibilities are endless with this; don’t be afraid to try different ingredients that you like!

Chocolate cake

With no eggs or milk, this cake is suitable for vegans – as well as the rest of us. If you’d rather eat baked goods than make them, this recipe is perfect for you. All you have to do is toss all the ingredients into the rice cooker to create this cushy, chocolaty cake. Top it with your favorite frosting, a dusting of powdered sugar, or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


It’s pretty common to see no-bake cheesecake recipes, but a rice cooker cheesecake? Our curiosity is piqued. Turns out, it’s entirely possible to get a decent cheesecake from a rice cooker. Is there anything that the rice cooker can’t make?

28 Jun 2020
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