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10 Best Yogurt Drinks in Singapore For A Healthy BBT Replacement

10 Best Yogurt Drinks in Singapore For A Healthy BBT Replacement

It’s a known fact that Singaporeans love bubble tea. But if your upcoming new year resolution is having a healthier diet, then take a look at these rice yogurt drinks in Singapore! While they’re not technically bubble tea, rice yogurt drinks are being branded as the healthier alternative to the sugary drinks that we know and love. They hold off on the heaps of sugar, favouring fresh fruits and all-natural ingredients instead! Without further ado, here are 10 yogurt drink chains to check out in Singapore.

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17 Yogurt

Conveniently located at Tampines MRT, 17 Yogurt is a convenient spot for East-siders to hit up when the yogurt craving hits. Their fermented yogurt drinks are made fresh daily from Australian milk and contain zero preservatives. There are 10 delectable yogurt varieties, with the Taro Yogurt, Purple Rice Yogurt, and Chewy Oats Yogurt being the chain’s signature.


Hey Yogurt

Hey Yogurt drinks are made from a secret recipe using Australian premium dairy, creating yogurt that is slightly sweeter and less tart. On its menu you’ll find different drinks categorised into series. For example, there is the Grain Series drinks which features drinks such as the Dreamy Purple Rice and Fairy Oatmeal. If you love fruits, you’ll also be spoilt for choice with a variety of different...


Hey! I Am Yogost

Hey! I Am Yogost is a global brand providing a healthier option to refresh and indulge with its all-natural yogurt drinks made with nutritious purple rice and real fruits. Enjoy freshly made yogurt drinks with interesting flavours such as Oreo Boba and Matcha Red Bean, along with fruit yogurt options like Mango Purple Rice Yogurt. There are also Yo-teas with fruits such as Dragonfruit, Watermelon...


Moo Moo Yogurt

Located at Ang Mo Kio, Moo Moo Yogurt is a Singapore yogurt chain that provides fat-free, appealing yogurt drinks with delectable toppings and natural ingredients. With 20 yogurt drinks grouped into three different categories – Signature Moo Yogurts, Everyday Fresh Fruits Yogurts, Health-Enriching Matcha Yogurts – you will definitely find something to satisfy your tastebuds!



At Nectar, enjoy delicious, refreshing and tangy yogurt smoothies made from greek yogurt and fresh ingredients. Their recipes ensure that these yogurt treats are made with low-sugar, low fat yogurt, and contain no artificial preservatives or additives. Apart from yogurt smoothies, Nextar also serves acai bowls, toasties, egg tarts, and even cocktails. You can customise a healthy yogurt parfait or...


Super Dream

Super Dream has two outlets in Singapore, one in Djitsun Mall Bedok and the other at Bugis Street. There are 13 different varieties of rice yogurt drinks that you can get at Super Dream after a good day of shopping. These include Strawberry, Kiwi, Mango, Passionfruit, Peach, Blueberry, Honeydew and other flavours!


Tien Tien Yogurt

Hailing from Malaysia and with a cute bunny mascot, Tien Tien Yogurt offers customisable yogurt drinks that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Their nutritious drinks can also be topped up with special toppings like Lotus Biscoff or Jujube fruits! Take your pick from a selection of fresh fruit yoghurt smoothies such as Melon Avocado and Strawberry Melon, or cereal yoghurt smoothies such as Tien Ti...


Yanmi Yogurt

Yanmi Yogurt uses purple rice specially imported from Mojiang – located south of Yunnan and known for producing purple rice rich in protein, calcium and other minerals. It is prepared through 10 steps, from soaking to boiling and steaming for hours to create that perfect chewy texture. Fresh yogurt made with Australian milk is then included, with options of including fresh fruits and other nutriti...


Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt

One of the first rice yoghurt labels in Singapore, Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt has become a household name with over 100 outlets worldwide. Their signature drink is the Yomie’s Purple Rice Yogurt, a luscious drink blended with purple rice grains to give an added chew. Other popular options include the Yomie’s Oats Yogurt ($5.60), made with the healthy grain, and we also recommend trying the Pure Jujube...


Yoori Yogurt

Purple rice or oat yogurt beverages aren’t your cup of tea? Then try Yoori Yogurt’s Fresh Fruit Soiree Series instead! Using whole, fresh fruit and combining them with the signature Yoori yoghurt blend, each cup is a refreshing one filled with probiotics and vitamins. The chain only uses the best ingredients to enhance freshness, and the drinks are hand-brewed daily with zero preservatives.