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11 Japanese Buffets in Singapore To Satisfy Your Sashimi Craving

11 Japanese Buffets in Singapore To Satisfy Your Sashimi Craving

If you had to pick one cuisine to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? For me, it’d be Japanese cuisine. The variety also means it’s hard to get bored – there’s sushi, donburi, yakiniku, ramen, sukiyaki… And the list goes on. We’re sure many Singaporeans are just as enthusiastic about Japanese food. Today, we’ve rounded up some of the best Japanese buffets in Singapore where you can feast on mounds of sushi, sashimi, wagyu and more!

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En Dining

The crowd-favourite En Dining is back after a hiatus! Now situated in Capital Tower, the unlimited Japanese buffet features all-you-can-eat sashimi, agemono, sushi, shabu shabu and more. What separates En Dining from many other restaurants is that its buffet selection also has an Okinawa menu, featuring underrated culinary gems that doesn't receive as much attention as other Japanese dishes!


Himawari Japanese Restaurant

Love sashimi? Himawari Japanese Restaurant serves up some solid cuts including salmon, tuna, swordfish and yellowtail. Their a la carte buffet will set you back $52.80++ for a weekday lunch and $56.80++ for a weekday dinner, while prices are an additional $3 for weekends lunch and dinner. Himawari also offers a sukiyaki hotpot for each table, along with your choice of soup base and meats!


Hokkaido Sushi

Located at M Hotel, Hokkaido Sushi dishes out both classic and contemporary Japanese dishes. Prices start at $45++ for lunch, while the dinner buffet is priced at $42++ Mondays to Thursdays, and $55++ from Fridays to Sundays, eve of public holidays and public holidays. Did we also mention that they're the first and only Japanese buffet restaurant in Singapore that cuts and serves an 80kg Blue Fin...



Simple, no-frills and fresh – the best way to describe Ikoi. Tucked inside Hotel Miramar, Ikoi is a hidden gem and its extensive menu features sashimi, sushi, grilled items, agemono, rice, noodles and many more. Fans often rave about their sashimi, which is freshly prepared and cut in thick succulent pieces. At $45++, it's not hard to see why Ikoi is incredibly popular with both the lunch and din...



This all-you-can-eat restaurant has been around for more than a decade, and yet its quality has stood impressively against time. For $39.80++, dig into their wide variety of grilled items, deep-fried dishes, and of course, free-flow slices of thicc, fresh sashimi! We also highly recommend their signature Irodori Maki – a maki roll stuffed with creamy lobster and rolled in tobiko.



Kiseki is another popular Japanese buffet spot in Singapore, and they pride themselves as a "mega Japanese buffet at mini prices". Lunch costs $29.80++ on weekdays and $42.80++ on weekends, while dinner is priced at $42.80++ from Monday to Thursday, and $52.80++ on Friday to Sunday. Enjoy more than 200 buffet items and over 29 food categories!



The all-you-can-eat A La Carte Buffet at Mitsuba boasts over 150 dishes comprising sushi, fresh sashimi, agemono and tempura. On top of that, they also stand out with various udon and rice bowls, along with teppanyaki items which aren’t very common at Japanese buffets! This will set you back buffet will set you back $56.90++ for both lunch and dinner. For an additional price, the premium buffet (...


Shin Minori

Shin Minori is our go-to spot whenever the feels for Japan hits hard, and their variety of buffets will definitely hit all the right spots. Whether you go for the Omizu Ala-carte Buffet ($62.90++), Omizu with Free Flow Oysters Ala-carte Buffet ($79.90++) or Kanpai Ala-carte Buffet ($79.90++), you'll be treated to an extensive sumptuous selection. It's definitely not the cheapest buffet in town, bu...


Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle in Greenwood Avenue, Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant might be a little inaccessible with public transport, but their A La Carte Buffet ($41.90++ for lunch, $59.90++ for dinner) is definitely worth making a trip. Sushi lovers will be especially spoiled as the restaurants specialises in sushi and maki rolls. Make sure to try their signature Shin Yuu Special Aburi...



Love Japanese hotpots? SUKI-YA is one of the few Japanese buffets in town that specialises in sukiyaki and shabu-shabu with six different soup bases to choose from. Their Ala Carte Buffet Menu ($19.90++ lunch, $25.90++ dinner) features unlimited unlimited, top-quality chilled beef, pork and chicken. Top up an additional $11 to also enjoy premium items such as mussels, wagyu beef, iberico pork and...