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20 French Restaurants in Singapore for An Authentic French Experience

20 French Restaurants in Singapore for An Authentic French Experience

French cuisine has long been associated with fine dining and quite honestly, burning a hole in our wallets. But thankfully, as our dining scene has evolved over the years, French restaurants are becoming more varied. With more French restaurants and bistros around now, there are more options than ever to enjoy our fill of pates, steak frites, croque monsieurs and other French classics. Without further ado, here are 20 great French restaurants in Singapore!

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Helmed by Chef Patrick Heuberger and serving up bold flavours with signature French finesse, the menu at Atout draws heavily on classic European dishes. We’re talking an array of cheeses and charcuterie, plus dishes like Angus Beef Ribeye and Duck Leg Confit. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try the Pig Head Terrine that’s made with the snout, jowls, ears, and other meat found on a pig’s he...


Bar-Roque Grill

The heart of the menu at Bar-Roque Grill is made up of the meats from the rotisserie. Both the French Free Range Chicken and Pork Knuckle have won rave reviews, but don't fixate on just those items though, because Chef Stephane Istel's deft touch and heartfelt recipes are the soul of what's on offer. Whether it be the tarte flambee, signature to his home town of Alsace, or his mother's apple pie r...


Bistro Du Vin

With homely dishes like French onion soup, duck leg confit and smoked tuna loin, this casual French eatery offers a comforting dining experience and an authentic taste of France. Dining here will make you feel like you are actually in France, from the service to furnishings, music and decor. What’s also great is that their dishes are priced reasonably, so you get to enjoy traditional French recipe...


Chez Suzette

Chez Suzette in Chinatown is a popular spot offering a variety of sweet crepes alongside other French dishes. Choose from a wide range of food available, with a brunch menu from 9 am to 5 pm featuring items such as Croque Monsieur. Other classics include Escargots Bourguignon, Homemade Duck Confit. End off your meal on a sweet note with the Crepes Suzette that comes with a homemade sauce of carame...


Claudine Restaurant

Set in a preserved colonial chapel atop Dempsey Hill, Claudine Restaurant by award-winning Chef-Patron Julien Royer invites guests to celebrate life around good food and glorious company, presenting an intimate side of French cuisine inspired by honest home-cooking. A refreshing perspective, the Claudine experience is one with shared meals, such as the Kampot Pepper Steak Flambe and Veal Blanquett...



élan offers approachable modern French cuisine with no pomp or pretence. Start your meal with Foie Gras Bonbon featuring foie gras terrine coated in dark chocolate over toasted brioche with crushed hazelnuts and kumquat. Then a must-try main dish is their “Pineapple” chicken with whole roasted kampong chicken served over jasmine rice perfumed with lemongrass, ginger, coriander, pandan leaves and c...


Entre-Nous Creperie

Just like in every other cuisine, the best way to end a meal is on a sweet note. And if we’re talking about French cuisine then we most definitely have to talk about crêpes and Entre-Nous Creperie. The crêpes here are about as authentic as they can get, as ingredients are flown in from Brittany, France. Also, there are plenty of toppings for you to choose from and you can enjoy your crêpe sweet or...



Set within the bustling Keong Saik Road, Gaston epitomises the French 'joie de vivre' with its convivial atmosphere and vibrant setting. Deeply rooted in the Burgundian heritage, expect classic homemade specialties from the region including Jambon Persillé, Truite a l’Aligoté and Éclair au Cassis. With dishes crafted with the utmost respect for tradition, enjoy the freshest, seasonal ingredients s...



For contemporary French cuisine, Gunther’s is definitely one restaurant you should try. They have everything one could want from French dining such as caviar, truffle, Wagyu beef and the likes. Go for Chef Gunther’s unique creations like the cold angel hair pasta and roasted Salcietta Corsica smoked sausage, or check out their daily and weekly specials. Address: 36 Purvis St, #01-03, Singapore...



Established in 1998, L’Angelus is the oldest single-location French restaurant in the city. Reminiscent of the charming restaurants tucked away in quiet corners of Paris, the chefs here follow traditional French cooking techniques, showcasing classic and interpreted dishes made from recipes honed to perfection through the centuries. The menu is expressed by dishes spectacularly simple and yet exqu...