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18 Black Sesame Cakes In Singapore That Will Leave You Wanting More

18 Black Sesame Cakes In Singapore That Will Leave You Wanting More

A popular pastry in many Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, the black sesame cake is made with ground black sesame seeds, which give the cake its distinctive black colour. Black sesame seeds are rich in nutrients, including protein, fibre, and various vitamins and minerals. They also have a slightly nutty and earthy flavour that adds a unique taste to the cake! Although it’s not the most popular flavour here in Singapore, we do have several talented bakers and cafes serving up their unique rendition of the pastry. If you’re craving for this classic flavour, here are 20 places to get your hands on black sesame cake in Singapore!

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Annabella Patisserie

Annabella Patisserie is best known for their yummy macarons, but did you know that they also do incredible cakes? One of them is the 2D Comic Black Sesame Mochi Cake, which contains layers of soft black sesame sponge cake layered with black sesame paste, chewy mochi and chantilly cream.


Baker’s Brew

Using black sesame and almond to bring out the fragrance of this cake and a granite look to complete its appeal; this Black Sesame Almond Cake by Baker’s Brew is not to be missed. Each mouth of the cake will remind you of the traditional black and white dessert but presented in a totally modern way!


Edith Patisserie

Love black sesame paste, the traditional Chinese dessert? Then you will absolutely love Edith Patisserie’s Black Sesame Cake, which is a reimagination of the good ol’ comforting sweet and nutty dessert that our parents and grandparents love. Fluffy black sesame infused sponge is layered with black sesame cream and covered with black sesame chantilly. Topped with toasted black sesame seeds.


Honeypeachsg Bakery

Black sesame-infused cake sponge that is fluffy and soft with nutty-tasting seeds is topped with freshly whipped black sesame cream. Your taste buds would be reminded of the black sesame rice balls by this Roasted Black Sesame Cake by Honeypeachsg Bakery. If you enjoy that, you should most definitely give this a try!



The black sesame flavour is one of the hardest to perfect, and can be either tasteless or bitter if not done well. Thankfully, local cafe Hvala struck gold with their Goma Cake, with a fluffy and light black sesame sponge that is simply a delight to eat.


Kele Roll Cake

Now you can enjoy one of Kele’s nostalgic classic pairings in the form of this signature roll cake! Relish in the perfect combination of roasted black sesame chiffon cake base with fresh cream infused with fragrant peanut butter to satisfy your tastebuds. Expect a dense yet fulfilling taste from this dream duo!



LUNA’s pastries are known for their simplicity and taste that delivers a delectable experience each time. Their Goma x PB cake features Japanese goma sponge layered with freshly churned peanut butter ganache with roasted sesame seeds, goma paste, and topped with silky goma chantilly cream.


Mentega Patisserie

A patisserie that serves a variety of freshly baked pastries, both savoury and sweet, find their unique and delicately designed Black Sesame Pear Cake which is made up of a crumble base, black sesame sponge, pear compote, black sesame cream and black sesame crumble.


My Sweet Garden

Enjoy this sweet, savoury and fluffy Black Sesame Kuro Goma Sliced Cake from My Sweet Garden, sandwiched between layers of silky caramelised black sesame cream frosting and decorated with toasted caramelised black sesame seeds. You can also get it as a whole cake, just make sure to pre-order three to five days in advance!


Olsen Bake House

Those who don’t like black sesame on its own can try the refreshing Sesame Yuzu by Olsen Bake House. The yuzu is imported from Korea, and the nutty, earthy flavour of the black sesame fluffy sponge complements the yuzu curd filling perfectly. It is then decorated with a speckled buttercream frosting and edible florals in yellow hues & gold nuggets toppings for a rustic and earthy look!