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Best Matcha Desserts in Singapore

Best Matcha Desserts in Singapore

Matcha or green tea flavoured desserts have been a favourite among foodies in Singapore. There are several cafes and bakeries that specialise in serving both matcha beverages and desserts. These include cakes and pastries made with green tea powder from Japan. Tell us which is your favourite matcha dessert go-to by voting for them here.

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108 Matcha Saro Pancakes

Using matcha powder from Uji Kyoto, 108 Matcha Saro offers a selection of pancakes (obanyaki), parfait and warabi mochi with distinctive slight bitter aftertaste.


Matchaya's Tea+ssert

Matchaya uses only the flush spring harvest shaded green tea leaves that are directly sourced from tea farms in Uji and Shizuoka in Japan for their beverages and desserts.


Maccha House's Desserts

Maccha House is a cafe restaurant that serves Japanese meals and matcha desserts, including matcha tiramisu, parfait and ice cream.


Kyushu Pancake's Matcha MontBlanc and Matcha Tiramisu

Kyushu Pancake serves an array of pancakes and waffles, but are particularly known for their matcha flavoured ones that are made with ingredients from Kyushu Japan.


Tsujiri Matcha Cakes, Soft Serves and Floats

Tsujiri's matcha desserts and floats are made from high quality green tea powder from Uji Japan.


Asanoya Boulangerie's Matcha Croissants and Pastries

The famous 81-year-old Asanoya bakery from Karuizawa uses premium ingredients with zero preservatives to bake a variety of French-style Japanese gourmet pastries and bread, including matcha-flavoured ones.


Hvala Matcha Cake and Ice Cream

For hardcore matcha fans, the rich and bittersweet green tea ice cream and cakes at Hvala are must-tries.


Kagurazaka Saryo's Matcha Frozen Smore and Fondue

At Kagurazaka Saryo, ceremonial-grade Uji matcha powder is used in the selection of high quality, bittersweet desserts.


Nana's Green Tea Parfaits and Ice Cream

Nana's Green Tea is the place to satisfy cravings for Japan-quality matcha ice cream and parfait.


Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe's Matcha Bingsu

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe offers 15 icy creations with authentic flavours, which include Green Tea Bingsu, a mildly sweet yet refreshing dessert.