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Best Bak Kwa Brands in Singapore

Best Bak Kwa Brands in Singapore

Originating from Fujian, China, bak kwa has become a quintessential part of our Chinese New Year. Tell us which is best bak kwa brand in Singapore by voting for them here!

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New Peng Hiang

Not to be confused with Kim Peng Hiang, New Peng Hiang is stocked in supermarkets and has successfully expanded overseas. Where will they stand on this list?


Peng Guan

A relatively new bak kwa brand, Peng Guan has quickly risen to become one of the more prominent bak kwa brands in Singapore. What do you think of their bak kwa?


Sang Hock Guan

A quaint little shop, Sang Hock Guan is known for its authentic and traditional bak kwa. Where do they stand with the other contenders on this list?


Wu Chin Leong

This family-owned business in Clementi retains traditional methods of making bak kwa. How does their bak kwa fare amongst the others?


Xi Shi Bak Kwa

Established since 1985, Xi Shi's bak kwa is still made using traditional methods instead of modern machinery. They're also known for using Chinese herbs in their recipe! Do they have your vote?