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5 Kway Chap Stalls You Must Try in Singapore

Kway chap. It is a dish that begs the question: love offals, or hate them? If you’re in the former, then you know that a great bowl of kway chap takes a whole lot of labour and effort. And if you’re in the latter camp, you can still enjoy the dish with sides like duck meat, pork belly and braised tofu. No matter where you stand, kway chap is a soul-warming and comforting dish that is great anytime of day, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here are some of our favourite kway chap stalls!

1. Double Spring Teochew Lor Duck Kway Chap

Drawing in queues within Pek Kio Hawker Centre, this stall serves Teochew style Kway chap with duck meat, braised egg, intestines, tau pok, and slices of pork belly. We’re fans of the herbal broth and it seems like many Singaporeans are too. Try to come early to avoid disappointment!

2. Garden Street Kway Chap

Garden Street Kway Chap has been around since the ‘40s, making it one of the oldest kway chap stalls in Singapore. Its recipe has been handed down from generation to generation, and the herbal soup is made with 15 ingredients boiled for hours to develop its flavours. Everything is cut-to-order and you have lots of sides to choose from. Go for the lean meat if you’re not a fan of pork belly!

3. Chris Kway Chap

Chris Kway Chap is another popular Kway Chap stall in Bedok that only operates for four days a week and sells out by 2pm. The owner is very particular about keeping all the innards clean, and braises them separately instead of all together in a pot. The broth is savoury and sweet at the same time and everything is beautifully cooked.

4. Quan Lai Guo Zhi

If you’re a kway chap fan, then you’ll definitely know Quan Lai Kway Chap that’s been around for over 50 years.  Their Signature Set starts at $12 for one, and even though prices are higher than many kway chap stalls, their portions are incredibly generous. Another must-try is their Fried Pork Intestines which is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside! Did we also mention that they're open until 12.30am daily?

5. Lao San Kway Chap

Lao San Kway Chap’s kway are thicker than usual, so that they offer a better bite and texture. Soaking up the broth perfectly, they make a heavenly combination with the braised intestines, pork belly and braised eggs. The homemade chilli sauce also enhances the flavour and gives it an additional punch!

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