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7 Art Studios in Singapore Where You Can Unleash Your Inner Picasso

Creative outlets like painting are a great way to destress after a hectic day or week (or a bad year). So it shouldn’t be a surprise that art jamming is a trend that’s been picking up, with more studios popping up all over Singapore.

A misconception is that painting is an expensive hobby. It can be, when you’re purchasing full-sized paint bottles and materials! Art jamming is much more friendly on the wallet, with materials fully provided, and you won’t even have to do any of the setup or cleaning yourself!

So whether you want to unleash your inner Pablo Picasso, or you’re simply looking for a fun date idea, we’ve rounded up some of the best art jamming studios in Singapore!


Take a trip to Boulevart, where for $35 per session, you’ll be provided with a disposable apron, a 45 x 45cm cotton canvas, free use of acrylic paints and other painting tools, along with a takeaway canvas box for you to use and carry your masterpiece in. 

Want to hone your skills? Take part in their range of watercolour workshops that will help you become the artist you’ve always wanted to be!

Artify Studio

Snugly hidden in Singapore’s indie art district amongst vintage stores and hipster cafes, Artify Studio holds 2.5-hour Liberty Art Jams, with all materials provided. What’s special about them is that their sessions go by a ‘pay as you wish’ Honour System. The cost to cover each session is $35, but you can ultimately decide how much you want to pay!

And in case you get too carried away during your session, they’ve also got toilets with shower facilities!


Arteastiq will provide you with everything you need for your art jamming session, which includes a 50x50cm or 60x80cm canvas, brushes, acrylic paints and sponges. Each session is three hours long, and comes with a complimentary beverage (choose from tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and even alcoholic beverages!)

While sessions here are pricier than other studios you’ll find on this list, they have daily promos – for example, 1-for-1 art jamming on Mondays with your partner for $24 each, discounted prices for ladies on Wednesdays and free snack-of-the-day on Thursdays, to name a few!

Heartroom Gallery

Heartroom Gallery conducts different art classes such as acrylic painting, folk art painting, manga drawing, Chinese brush painting and more. They also hold 2.5-hour long art jamming sessions which is a great way to meet like-minded people or end the monotony to your regular meet-ups and parties. Each session is $38, and you are also welcome to bring your own food and drinks into the studio!

Art Jam Studio

Described as ‘paintertainment’, Art Jam Studio promises an enjoyable time with all materials provided: canvas, free flow acrylic paints, use of an apron, and the widest selection of painting tools. They also have both Open ($30) and Guided ($50) 2-hour art jamming sessions, depending on if you’d like free reign over your canvas or seek guidance from an expert to brush up your skills.

Utter Studio

Paint to your heart’s content in the 2-hour art jamming session at Utter Studio, complete with unlimited paint supply and light refreshments. Not sure what to paint? There are picture samples available, or feel free to bring your own image inspo!

They currently only accept group bookings for a minimum of four people at $35 each, so gather your friends for a therapeutic bonding session. You can choose to upsize your canvas and get an additional hour of painting for $10.


Founder and artist Carolyn Law believes that painting helps the healing of the soul. With this in mind, ARThaus aims to create a non-judgemental, stress-free and cosy place where adults and children can discover, explore and express freely the creativity in them. Here, you can either join a session alone, paint with a group of friends, or work with a private art tutor for guidance.

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