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20 Hotpot Buffets In Singapore To Get Most Bang For Your Buck

20 Hotpot Buffets In Singapore To Get Most Bang For Your Buck

Call it what you want – steamboat, hotpot, shabu shabu – this communal way of dining continues to be one of the most popular forms of dining in Singapore, especially with a group of friends or family. Perfect for gatherings, rainy days, reunion dinners or just because, a steaming bowl of hotpot with your loved ones always hits the right spot. Here are some of the best hotpot buffet in Singapore to check out the next time you round up your gang!

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Buffet Paradise

Located in Tai Seng’s Sakae Building, this hotpot buffet offers an all-you-can-eat dining experience from $29.90 nett, with access to over 40 different buffet items including green-lipped mussels to fish-shaped surimi and marinated pork and chicken. You’ll be spoilt for choice here, and make sure to pair your food with the free-flow condiments and sauces, and end your meal on a sweet note with unl...


COCA Restaurant

Originating from Bangkok, COCA established its first hotpot restaurant in Singapore in 1987 and remains well-known as an established Thai-Chinese hotpot restaurant that marries authentic Thai cuisine with traditional elements of Cantonese home-style cooking. Prices begin at $39++ for weekday lunch, and apart from an endless array of seafood hotpot ingredients, take your pick from COCA’s scrumptiou...



Meaning ‘two meals’ in Korean, Dookki is a fun hotpot concept that begins with tteokbokki hotpot and finishes with fried rice! At $20.80++ per adult, there are eight kinds of tteokbokki for you to choose from which includes cheese, sweet potato, slim, hollow, as well as other ingredients like fried chicken, mandu, luncheon meat, mushroom, veggies, fish cake and skewers to enjoy. For an additional...


GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet

This Korean steamboat spot caters to different taste buds with seven different soup bases, from pepper bak kut teh to Korean ginseng, beauty collagen soup and ma la. Prices begin at $18.90 and diners can expect up to 70 different selections of food items to dip in the piping hot soups, along with Korean and local side dishes!


Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat

Guo Fu hails from Northeast China and serves some of the most, if not the most delicious fat cow hotpot buffet in Singapore. Did we also mention that they’re one of the pioneers in individual hotpots in Singapore? With prices starting from $29.90++, choose from ten different types of soup bases, hundreds of fresh and high quality ingredients, and a wide range of in-house special dipping sauces.


Hao Lai Wu

With trendy Chinese-style decorations and over 95 dishes to choose from, Hao Lai Wu comes highly recommended by many Singaporean food bloggers. Dubbed the Hollywood of seafood hotpot and BBQ buffet, Hao Lai Wu is a spot for those who want the best of both a hotpot and BBQ buffet. You’ll find a wide selection of seafood along with six different types of soup bases, and prices start at just $24.80++...



The perpetually buzzy Liang Seah Street is home to Hippot, a popular hotpot buffet concept with over 100 ingredients and 11 soup bases for diners to choose from. You can go for Buffet A which starts from $26.80++ on weekdays, which comprises the usual meats, seafood, vegetables, and carbs. Or, go for the more premium Buffet B from $43.80++ for free-flow ingredients like Black Pork, Tiger Prawns, S...


Jianghu Hotpot

Yet another spot for individual hotpots in a communal setting is Jianghu Hotpot, which operates with a fun conveyor belt service system. Go for the affordable 2-in-1 hotpot and BBQ buffet that starts from S$27.80++, which comes with the option of free-flow Grilled Fish for an additional $3.80. The wide selection of ingredients which include Mala Scallops, Korean Pork Belly, and Homemade Ice Jelly...


Jin Shang Yi Pin

Halal-certified Jin Shang Yi Pin has six different soup bases to choose from, brewed using a mix of herbs and spices. If you prefer your hotpot buffet to also be a barbeque, the restaurant comes through with a barbeque grill add-on. With a large variety of meats, vegetables, and other hotpot goodies, you can eat to your heart’s content from just $35 – no GST or service charge!


La Jiang Shan Hotpot

La Jiang Shan is an individual BBQ and hotpot buffet with free flow marinated meats, greens, carbs and more from just $18.80++. You’ll be spoilt for choice with dozens of ingredients to choose from to complement your hotpot. Take your pick from nine different soup bases which are perfect for cosy, rainy days! They’re also open from 11am to 6am daily, so you know where to go for late-night suppers.