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10 Honey Sticks in Singapore For A Quick And Easy Energy Boost

10 Honey Sticks in Singapore For A Quick And Easy Energy Boost

Honey sticks are a healthy grab-and-go snack for both kids and adults. Keep a few on-hand in your purse or as a healthy, natural way to sweeten your favorite drinks! For active folks, eating a honey stick right before or even during your workout will help release a steady amount of glucose into your blood, promoting an added boost of energy and prevent muscle fatigue! We could go on and on about the benefits of honey, but let’s get right into it – here are 10 places to purchase honey sticks in Singapore!

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13 Honey

13 Honey has their very own bee farm where all of their honey products come straight from, and the bees are set in an all-natural environment with plenty of flowers and greenery to forage in. From beekeeping to distribution, each process is carried out to the highest standards so you can be sure that these honey sticks are kept in its most excellent condition all the way to your table!



Sourced from local beekeepers both in the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest, Groove Honey is produced by healthy and happy bees. These honey sticks are conveniently packaged to take anywhere for a quick and healthy snack, or as an all natural sweetener drizzled on top of yogurt, oats, ice cream, cereal, and fruit!


Homestead Honey

Homestead Honey is 100% pure American honey from family beekeepers that you can trust. Their honey sticks are nature’s original pick-me-up and are designed to go anywhere you go – bring them hiking, camping, biking, swimming or packed in a healthy lunch for an easy energy boost!


Honey El-Iman

Look to Honey El-Iman for pure, premium and raw honey directly imported from Yemen. Originating from the Sidr Tree, these honey sticks are great energy boosters and can improve the immune system, along with treating coughs, sore throats, and even wounds, cuts and minor burns!



Founded in 1997, HoneyWorld has grown to become the only chain of honey specialty stores in Singapore, and perhaps the largest mānuka honey player here. A sweet shot for all coffee and tea connoisseurs and a great choice for travellers, the honeystix are also perfect for consuming directly from the straw as a quick snack!


Little Honey

Find pure and medicinal Sidr Honey from the mountainous and rural regions of Do'an, Yemen & Kashmir. The Sidr tree, is known for it’s healing properties. The honeybees forage this tree to produce the wondrous Sidr Honey – recognised for its beautiful, earthy flavour and high nutritional value. Easy to have on the go, the Yemeni Sidr Honey Straws contains high amounts of antioxidant and anti-inflam...


My Honey Hive

My Honey Hive provides the best and purest honey sourced in the green and clean pristine lands of New Zealand and Australia. You’ll find a variety of flavoured honey sticks here, from Apple to Clover, Wildflower and even Rootbeer. Let’s all have a cup of honey with a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkle of cinamon powder, a teaspoon of vinegar or just a simple old way with warm water!



Pursito is a family-owned brand that specialises in all natural healthy products. Apart from the bestsellet Wildflower honey sticks, Pursito also uses premium ingredients to create honey sticks in fun flavours, such as Pina Colada, Peach and Strawberry. They’re also known for their sour honey sticks which are great as an afternoon pick-me-up!



Stakich has been around since 1925, and their Wildflower Honey Stix are grade A and have a mild aroma and floral taste. The no-mess packaging makes it easy to open and is excellent for travel. They also come in other flavours such as Cinnamon and Clover!



TILY is actually a local tea brand, creating raw tea blends are truly unique, balancing traditional Chinese herbal roots with delicious florals. These honey sticks are the sweetest little add on for those who like their tea a little sweeter, or, slurp it up on it's own! We also love their packaging and how their products are perfect for gifting to a loved one!