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10 Places to Buy Halal Macarons in Singapore

10 Places to Buy Halal Macarons in Singapore

It’s nice to indulge in sweet treats once in awhile, whether they’re cookies, donuts or macarons! However, for our Muslim friends, it might not be the easiest task to find halal desserts. Macarons especially, as they tend to contain vanilla extract (which has alcohol) or gelatin in the recipe. Today, we’ve rounded up these halal macarons in Singapore, from established shops to home-based bakeries. Not only are these adorable treats yummy and satisfying, they also make the perfect gifts for special occasions and for family and friends!

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For the dessert lovers who also appreciate food aesthetics, AmoreMacarons offer same-day delivery for fresh-from-the-oven, customised macarons. They are also Halal-certified, so put your mind at ease if you're planning to purchase their macarons as gifts, or planning for a special event. Their beautiful (and also incredibly yummy) macarons are sure to match your lofty expectations.


AnnaBella Patisserie

Officially Halal-certified in 2020, enjoy Japanese and French fusion bakery at AnnaBella Patisserie. Their hand-crafted macarons are made using Japanese light cream and you can find tons of flavours like Salted Caramel, Speculoos, Cotton Candy, Gummy Bear, Butterbeer any many more! These macarons are also super colourful and IG-worthy. Looking for something as a gift? AnnaBella also creates adorab...



A Muslim-owned bakery, homesweetoven is possibly the most popular option for halal macarons in Singapore. Specialising in macaron towers and cakes for special events, they have an extensive variety of flavours that comes in beautiful colours too! Whether you're looking for a pastel unicorn, ombre blue or ondeh-ondeh, homesweetoven is able to deliver it to you. You can also send in a request if you...

#4 claims to be ‘home of the best-tasting macarons in Singapore’, and they sure have flavours that are as bold as their claim! Their flavours are geared towards the local palate, so expect flavours like bandung, thai iced tea, chinese white peach and ondeh-ondeh. If you lean towards the adventurous end, try out their chili chocolate and jamaican blue mountain coffee! For special occasions...


Mesdames Macarons

Run by an all-women team, Mesdame Macarons broke into the scene in 2020 and quickly gained a loyal legion of fans thanks their delightful handcrafted macarons. Today they specialise in custom macarons which can be made based on your preferences, from cartoon characters to birthday macarons, or even macaron towers for a special event.


Ola Lola

Muslim-owned and started by two friends, Ola Lola was built based on the principle of tasteful class and minimalism. The brand offers niche services such as custom gift trays, dessert table styling and baked goods, with macarons and mini tarts as a specialty. They also occasionally sell them in pretty dessert boxes too, usually in a box of 10 assorted flavours so you try a little bit of everything...


Qifee Bakery

Run by a self-taught baker and mom of two, Qifee Bakery specialises in macarons and other baked treats! Apart from more classic flavours like vanilla and Nutella, you can also expect some bandung, strawberry cheesecake and blueberry cheesecake macarons! If you're customising your order, Qifee Baker can also create different colours of macaron shells for different flavours. Other specialties includ...


Shots by Hanis Shotton

Previously Whiskin' Shots, Shots by Hanis Shotton is a Muslim-owned home bakery. Anything from birthdays themed boxes to surprise your loved ones or macaron lollipops as a fun gift, these macaron treats not only look pretty but taste yummy too. Hanis also creates adorable macarons for special events, such as spooky macaron sets for Halloween!


Simply DLights

Looking for a (slightly) healthier option? Simply DLights makes their sweet treats with low glycemic unrefined sugar, and the result is desserts that are less sweet, but not any less yummy! With 12 flavours ranging from salted caramel, cookies & cream, rose, white chocolate, matcha, thai milk tea and more, you can simply place an order on their website or slide into their DMs. The brand also recen...



Anyone familiar with the local home-based business scene would’ve heard of Sinfulcakes, a popular Muslim-owned patisserie best known for its macarons, cheesecakes, and sweet treats. While their desserts having graced countless birthday parties, weddings, and gatherings, Sinfulcakes has recently also opened a physical brick-and-mortar store along Beach Road. Drop by for the same amazing selection o...