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7 Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurants In Singapore That Are Wallet Friendly

7 Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurants In Singapore That Are Wallet Friendly

From the fluffy, vinegared, pearly white rice to the fresh and melt-in-your-mouth slices of delicate seafood, Sushi is one of Singapore’s favourite types of Japanese food. However, we all know too well what usually comes after the luscious and succulent feeling in your mouth - a long list of dishes on a receipt, ending in a dreadful and bulky sum. That is why wallet-friendly options, like Conveyor Belt Sushi restaurants, exist! Kaiten-zushi, or Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurants, was birthed in 1958 in Higashiosaka, a city in Osaka, Japan, by Yoshiaki Shiraishi, a restaurant owner, who got the idea after watching beer bottles on a conveyor belt in an Asahi Brewery. This idea exploded in popularity and has now spread to many countries around the world - including, of course, Singapore. From the time-honoured Sakae Sushi to the relatively new Sushi Plus, take a spin on this list of 6 Budgeted Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurants in Singapore!

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Genki Sushi

With 18 outlets currently in Singapore, Genki Sushi is a favourite among Singaporeans as it has two of their favourite aspects in food - affordability and superb quality! With prices starting at $2.20, Genki offers a wide range of carefully prepared menu items from its beautiful Hana Sushi ($4.20), scrumptious Unagi Sushi ($3.20), and hearty Inari Sushi ($2.20) to hot items like Mini Chirashi Don...


Nihon Mura Express

Nihon Mura is a great and affordable spot for conveyor belt sushi. Most sushi plates range from $1.80++ to $2.30++ a plate, and they also serve bentos and rice bowls if you want something more filling. It definitely is a budget option, so don’t expect too much in terms of quality! However with multiple outlets, it’s a fuss-free spot to quell your cravings on the go.


Sakae Sushi

One of the most renowned and time-honoured names of conveyor belt sushi in Singapore is Sakae Sushi. Sakae offers classical sushi dishes like Tako Sushi ($2.39), Maguro/Tuna Sushi ($2.39), Lobster Salad Inari ($6.39), Tobiko Sushi ($4.39), Nacho Cheese Makimono Sushi Rolls ($13) and Spicy Salmon Temaki ($2.39). They also serve exquisite and premium dishes like Soft Shell Crab ($12), Herbal Dang Gu...


Sushi Express

With 25 locations all across the island, Sushi Express has become one of Singapore’s most recognizable restaurants for offering affordable yet satisfying sushi! Sushi Express provides diners with a classic sushi experience - from fresh and lean Shrimp Nigiri ($1.50++/plate) to the smooth and gentle taste of Sashimi ($2++/plate) - leaving your senses satisfied and your mind at peace (without worryi...


Sushi Plus

Located on the 2nd floor of Bugis Junction, Sushi Plus is a new restaurant opened under the Sushi Express brand! Unlike its parent restaurant, Sushi Plus has two belts - a regular one with unending lines of sushi, and a special order belt for unique menu items! With prices from $1.50, Sushi Plus offers an extremely affordable option for sushi lovers who wish not to compromise on the food’s quality...



Serving at two outlets, one at Jurong Point, and another at AMK Hub, Sushi-Go markets and prides itself on its innovative menu of more than 150 varieties of dishes - including sushi, hot items, and desserts! With a striking orange and blue plastered everywhere from the restaurant to the plates, this futuristic restaurant serves original sushi like Aburi Shoyu Butter Hotate Sushi and Yuzu Hokkaido...



Sushiro has nine outlets across Singapore and is gaining popularity as an affordable conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Singapore! With prices starting at $2.20 per plate, Sushiro boasts an expansive menu ranging from sushi like the Energy Boost Inari ($2.20) and Fatty Salmon with Iruka ($$3.80) to slurp-tastic Shoyu Ramen ($7.80) and Mackeral Karaage ($3.50). They also often have promotional menus...