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Best Yakitori Restaurants in Singapore

Best Yakitori Restaurants in Singapore

Yakitori directly translates to "grilled chicken". The dish is a type of Japanese chicken skewers glazed with tare sauce, seasoned with salt and grilled over charcoal fire.

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Bincho at Hua Bee Yakitori Restaurant

Inspired by a yakitori-ya (traditional small grilling stalls) in Osaka, Bincho offers yakitori with 14 parts of the chicken, including chicken neck, cock's comb, chicken heart, and more. If this is your go-to spot for Yakitori, give it your vote!


JiBiru Yakitori & Craft Beer

Maintaining the authentic flavours of Japan, JiBiru serves a menu of yakitori from the Saitama region north of Tokyo, where pork is used in addition to the traditional chicken.


Nanbantei Japanese Yakitori Restaurant

Nanbantei offers you an authentic slice of the yakitori culture which first originated in Japan. One of the first Yakitori restaurants in Singapore, its first outlet was launched in 1983, tucked away on the fifth floor of Far East Plaza. Is this your go-to Yakitori joint? Vote to let us know!


Gosso Yakitori Dining

Gosso Yakitori Dining is a Yakitori-specialty restaurant that serves authentic top-grade skewered chicken that's been masterfully grilled atop the perfectly set charcoal fire. If this is your favourite yakitori restaurant, give it your vote!


Jinjo Yakitori Restaurant

A concept by Les Amis Group, Jinjo specialises in charcoal-grilled (sumiyaki) dishes. Enjoy the Tori Set Lunch which includes grilled chicken, chicken meatball, onsen egg, and Japanese rice. On the a la carte menu, you can pick your choice from the 10 chicken parts available to be prepared yakitori/kushiyaki style. Is this the best yakitori in Singapore for you? Vote to let us know!


Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant

A small restaurant on the 4th floor of Cuppage Plaza, Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant dishes out izakaya-style dishes and tasty yakitori that burst with flavour. If you think this is the best yakitori restaurant in town, vote for it now!


Mikawa Yakitori Bar

Mikawa Yakitori Bar is a casual buzzy izakaya serving Japanese yakitori, sashimi, beer, sake and whisky. If this is your favourite yakitori bar, vote for it now!


Q-Wa Yakitori

Q-WA Bar and Yakitori is a Japanese izakaya themed gastro-bar offering a large selection of delicious Japanese dishes and meat skewers grilled to perfection. If you love the yakitori here, vote for it now!


Shin Kushiya Vivocity

One of the first Japanese restaurants to introduce the kushiyaki dining concept in Singapore, diners may choose from a generous selection of kushiyaki and yakitori skewers, made using the freshest and quality meats, seafood and vegetables grilled over Japan-imported Bincho charcoal. Love the yakitori here? Give it your vote!


Shirokane Tori-Tama

A Michelin Bib Gourmand Yakitori restaurant, Shirokane Tori-Tama provides an authentic yakitori experience with its yakitori grilled to order. With more than 20 chicken parts to choose from, this restaurant is for diners who love gizzards. Love the yakitori here? Give it your vote!