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Best  Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) Buffet in Singapore

Best Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) Buffet in Singapore

Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) buffets have been gaining popularity in Singapore over the past years. Yakiniku Buffet restaurants usually have unlimited servings of wagyu beef but each seating comes with a time limit. If you are into wagyu beef, we'd love to know which restaurant you think serves the best Yakiniku Buffet in Singapore.

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Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ (Yakiniku)

Gyu-Kaku takes pride in bringing you authentic Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) experience. They claim to serve premium ‘Kagoshima Wagyu’ and many other quality food items at reasonable prices for both the buffet and a la carte menu. Would you rank Gyu-Kaku as your favourite Yakiniku buffet in Singapore?


Triple Three

Mandarin Orchard Singapore's Japanese Inspired buffet restaurant, Triple Three, is said to be one of the best BBQ wagyu beef buffets in town. We aren't too sure about it and would like to confirm with you. So, vote now to let us know what you think about them.


Shaburi & Kintan Buffet

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet offers a premium Japanese BBQ experience in a classy environment and a good value. We would like to know if they are really serving premium meat at their wagyu beef buffet. Vote for them to show us it is true!


Yakiniku Heijoen

BBQ beef lovers would find wagyu beef skirt steak, short ribs and other cuts at Yakiniku Heijoen‘s BBQ Wagyu Beef Buffet. Is their BBQ wagyu beef buffet as good as they claim? Come vote and let us know how they rank in your opinion.



YAKINIKU OHJI offers a variety of US beef cuts and Angus beef in its second tier buffet menu package and juicy wagyu cuts in its premium tier buffet menu package. Do you love the grilled meats here? Cast your vote to let us know how you rank this Japanese BBQ restaurant!



At Tajimaya, you can expect an authentic Japanese charcoal grill experience like no other. The restaurant offers a fun and interactive ‘hands-on cooking’ and dining experience by allowing you to grill your own meats at your table. We wonder how good is their BBQ Wagyu Beef Buffet. Let us know what you think by giving them your honest vote (good or bad) in our list here.


Yakiniku Jan Jan

Yakiniku Jan Jan offers different beef cuts ranging from Nami-karubi (regular chuck rib) to Nami-karubi (premium chuck rib). You can also pick the cuts from US Beef or Japan Wagyu Beef. How do you rank it amongst the best yakiniku buffet in Singapore? Vote to let us know!



Azmaya is one of the favourite BBQ spots for night owls. We have yet to try them out but would like to know from YOU if they are any good. Cast your vote now in our list to rank the best BBQ Wagyu Beef Buffet in Singapore.



With a combined experience of near 50 years, Tenkaichi's Head Chef Mr Naing Ye Guang together with their Executive Chef leads the kitchen in producing high-quality Japanese food. What about their BBQ Wagyu Beef Buffet though? What say you?


Rocku Yakiniku BBQ

Rocku Yakiniku was a big hit when they first opened their shop. We think they might still have a chance in the top spot for the best BBQ Wagyu Beef Buffet but we would like you to come to confirm it for us. Vote now!