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Best Porridge Stalls in Singapore

Best Porridge Stalls in Singapore

Congee, called ”chog” in Cantonese, is a Chinese rice porridge dish with ingredients such as meat, fish, eggs, peanuts and even seafood. If you ask me, there's nothing like a good old bowl of congee to warm up the soul.

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Crystal Jade Kitchen

A culinary brand with one Michelin star, some Singaporeans say that Crystal Jade Kitchen serves one of the most creamy and luscious congee in town. Do you agree? Vote a thumbs up if so!


Zhen Zhen Porridge

For over 30 years, Zhen Zhen Porridge has been serving congee at Singapore’s Maxwell Food Centre. You can find lots of congee restaurants and stalls across the city, but none seem to do it better than Zhen Zhen Porridge. Do you agree? Vote to let us know!


Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House

Another well-known Hong Kong food chain in Singapore, you'll find comforting, restaurant quality congee at Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House. How would you rate their congee?


Ah Chiang’s Porridge

Since 1968, Ah Chiang's Porridge has been a popular choice amongst many Singaporeans! While it may look simple and plain, it is a healthy, hearty meal at an affordable price. Love them? Vote to let us know!


Piao Ji Fish Porridge

Another stall at Amoy Street Food Centre that draws in big crowds, Piao Ji Fish Porridge serves dishes with pomfret fish, jumbo prawns and fish roe. Are they your favourite porridge stall in Singapore?


Sin Heng Kee Porridge

Sin Heng Kee specializes in not just any congee, but the thick and gooey congee that can only be achieved from intense simmering. Fans say they're worth the wait and great value for money! What do you think?


Soon Lee Porridge

Soon Lee Porridge is testament that good food need not be gimmicky. Often, less is more and simple is key! This stall has been selling authentic Hainanese porridge for 80 years. How would you rate them?


88 Congee

Situated in Toa Payoh, 88 Congee specializes in Hong Kong style congee that's said to be hotel quality, but at a hawker price! Vote to tell us if they're the best in Singapore.


Gen Shu Mei Shi Jia

Run by Gen Shu, a chef who moved all the way to Singapore from Hong Kong, this stall serves amazing Cantonese style congee. It is said that you can taste his passion in every dish! How does his congee fare amongst others?