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Best Mookata in Singapore

Best Mookata in Singapore

Mookata restaurants have been gaining popularity in Singapore in recent years. For the non-Thai folks, “Moo” stands for pork and “kata” means skillet or pan, a special cooking apparatus that allow diners to enjoy both barbecue and hotpot at the same time. Originated from Chiang Mai, traditional Mookata uses pork lard instead of our usual oil or butter for barbecue and is served with a number of spicy sauces. Additionally, Northern Thais (Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai) pronounce Mookata as Mu Kratha.

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888 Mookata

888 Mookata is located at Bishan and Hougang and has been popular among youths since their opening. Have you tried their mookata yet? What do you think? Cast your vote for your favourite mookata restaurants here!


Bangkok Street Mookata

Bangkok Streets Mookata brings you the most authentic Thai Mookata straight from the street of Bangkok, Thailand. We believe them! If you do, give them your vote here.


2211 Mookata

Enjoy Thai Grill (Mookata) for dinner/supper featuring our signature sauce, ingredients & chilli at 2211 Mookata. We heard that their mookata is as good as the ones in Thailand. Is that true? Let us know your answer by casting your vote now.


Aroy Mak Mookata

Aroy Mak Mookata claims to have the secret recipe from Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. They said they offer authentic Thai BBQ Steamboat but we have yet to attest to that. Please let us know what you guys think by putting in your votes now.


Charcoal Thai

Charcoal Thai brings you right back to Thailand with every bite you take. Not to forget the home-made chilli dip that goes with the 'Mookata'. You just have to try it. Try and let us know what you think of their mookata by voting for them here!


Cheese Story Mookata

Indulge in mouth-watering mookata with CHEESE and SATAY sauce with us at Cheese Story Mookata. Do these two sauces mix well together? We have no idea but YOU can let us know. Cast your votes and let us seek the truth!


Happy Mookata

People say that mookata is a must once you go to Golden Mile Tower. We've been told that Happy Mookata may be the one to eat at. What we heard may not be true and we would like you to reaffirm the statement. Let us know by voting for the best mookata in this list!


Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen

Known as a place for family dining, Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen is one of the favourites for mookata eating too. We would like to know good their mookata is compared to the rest of Singapore. Cast your votes and we shall find out.


Mookata Traditional Thai Bbq

The first of its kind in Singapore, Mookata’s dedicated exhaust system has got you covered; all that smoky indulgence and less odour! Indeed, it’s every barbecue fanatic's dream come true. Is their food as good as their promise? Help us find out with your vote!


Soi 81 Mookata

Soi 81 Mookata is a name all mookata lovers would have heard at least once in Singapore. Its popularity is parallel to every one of the mookata restaurants that we have in this list. BUT... We would like to know who do you think is the best mookata restaurant in Singapore. Help us by casting your votes today!