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Best Hotpot Buffets In Singapore

Best Hotpot Buffets In Singapore

Call it what you want—steamboat, hotpot, shabu—but this communal way of devouring ingredients like seafood, sliced meat, leafy vegetables and a myriad of other things in a simmering bowl of stock in the middle of the table continues to be one of the top past times here.

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Shabu Sai

Authentic Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki in buffet style is always a good bet to fill our empty bellies. Shabu Sai could be one of the best hotpot buffets in Singapore and we would like you to confirm it! Vote now!


Hotpot Heroes

Enjoy a century-old favourite, the award-winning Chongqing Traditional Beef Oil Ma la, at Hotpot Heroes. Check out this list for more delicious hotpot buffets in Singapore. Our list is non-biased as YOU get to decide who gets the top spot.


Hao Lai Wu

With trendy China-style decoration and over 95 dishes to choose from, Hao Lai Wu comes highly recommended by Singapore food bloggers like Seth Liu. We wonder what everyone else thinks about Hao Lai Wu. Come check out this list of best hotpot buffets voted by patrons like you. You decide who is at the top of the ranks.


King's Laksa Steamboat

This husband and wife team is committed to bringing customers the Best Singaporean Steamboat Buffet experience! I hope they are for real... What do you think? Tell us your thoughts through your vote.


Xiangcao Singapore

Nestled on Liang Seah Street, Xiang Cao is one of the most well-loved hotpot buffets in Singapore. We wonder if they are as lovable as all the other competitors on this list. Vote now for the best hotpot buffets in Singapore!


Pot Addiction

They claim to be Singapore's first International Steamboat, BBQ, and Mookata Buffet at affordable prices. But does affordable means good too? Let us know your honest opinion about Pot Addiction by casting your votes in this list.


Danro Collagen Hotpot

Danro presents Japanese Hotpot buffets at affordable prices. A delicious selection of collagen hotpot soups like Chicken Collagen, Garlic Pork Collagen, Garlic Pork Spicy or Sukiyaki. Plus, a wonderful Cheese dip add-on to complete the meal. Where do you stand with Danro?