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Best Affordable French Restaurants In Singapore

Best Affordable French Restaurants In Singapore

There are French restaurants all over Singapore, but most of them are pretty high-end and could easily burn a hole in our wallets. Which are the best affordable French restaurants in Singapore? Vote and let us know!

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With two outlets in Singapore, L'Entrecôte's Steak Frites is to die for! Vote for them if you agree that they deserve to be at the top of the most affordable French restaurants in Singapore!



Antoinette looks exactly like a French fine dining restaurant, but their prices are still considered affordable. Come judge for us if they should be on our list of affordable French cuisine!


Le Petite Cuisine

Le Petite Cuisine offers every patron an opportunity to eat some of the most authentic French cuisines in a casual dining setting. The question is: are they as good as the other affordable French restaurants in Singapore? Let us know your take on this!


The French Ladle

The French Ladle is a casual family restaurant serving affordable and mouthwatering French food. Have you eaten here? Don't forget to give them a vote based on your experience.


So France

So France serves a selection of 100% classic French bistro fare, all day in a warm and inviting atmosphere. We wonder if their food is as inviting as their environment? Come vote for them if you think they are the best in town!


Vineyard @ Hortpark

Vineyard @ Hortpark is on our list of top affordable French cuisine restaurants. Let us know how would you rate them?


Taratata Brasserie

Taratata means "whatever" in French, but this bistro is far from whatever. In fact, we think they may be one of the top affordable French cuisines in Singapore. Vote for them to let us know if they are worth it!


Brasserie Gavroche

Committed to bringing the best of France to the tables of Singapore, Brasserie Gavroche showcases spot-on flavours and highly satisfying dishes that are patiently-made and heartwarming. Are they as good as they claim? Let us know!