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How to get points

Action Type
Points Awarded
Each Time
Maximum Points
Earned Per Day
Connect with Facebook
100 points
Once only
Not applicable
Commenting on “Items”
Points awarded for 1st published comment on each “Item”
Points awarded only for the first 5 comments each day
5 points
1st published comment on each item
25 points
Sharing a List on Facebook
Points awarded after successfully sharing a “List” on Facebook
Points awarded only for the first 2 successful shares on Facebook each day
5 points
2 shares per day
10 points
Referring a Friend
Points will be awarded after your friend successfully signs up and connect his / her profile with Facebook
50 points
Awarded to referrer and referee
No cap
Submitting a New Item
Points awarded after submission is approved
100 points
No cap
No cap
Voting for an “Item”
Points awarded for 1st vote on an “Item” for each “List”

Multiple votes can be made, but points will only be
awarded only for the 1st vote in each list.
5 points
1st vote in each list
Not Applicable