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5 Spots in Singapore With the Cheapest Beer Towers

Fancy cocktails may be nice and all, but nothing beats hanging out with your homies chugging beer towers… Except that the bill can rack up pretty quickly! Not to fret, because we’ve rounded up the top spots in Singapore with the cheapest beer towers. Just make sure you finish all your drinks by 10.30pm!

1. SMÖÖbar

A nightspot offering wacky alcoholic towers and mentaiko dishes, SMÖÖbar has very affordable prices when it comes to beer towers. You can get a Tiger Tower here for S$38, Heineken for S$48, Erdinger White or Black at S$58. They also have a Somaek Tower (soju + beer) for just S$58! On Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays, an additional S$10 applies on their beer tower promos. From Sundays to Thursdays, the bar also has a Beer Tower Challenge for two pax – simply finish a beer tower in 10 minutes and get the second one free on your next visit!

2. Mischief

This spot at Esplanade is especially popular with poly students and we can totally see why. They have an expansive range of tipples, and serve two towers at S$99. Choose any two beers from Asahi, Asahi Black, Carlsberg, Kronenbourg Blanc, Brooklyn IPA or Connor Stout. Or, go for their housepour towers! With a range of options like Soju Yakult, Gin & Tonic and even a Calorie Free, there’s bound to be something to tickle your fancy.

3. Stickies

Stickies is where to go for a good time on a budget. Beer towers here are going at one for S$30 on weekdays, and one for S$35 on weekends. Choose from Stickies Lager, Stickies Summer Ale or Stickies IPA. They also have Edelweiss towers, which goes at S$35 on weekdays and S$40 on weekends. What’s more – their outlets are well-equipped with pool tables, darts and games, so there’ll never be a dull moment!

4. ​​Kanpai 789

Kanpai 789 serves top quality and affordable beer towers with great food. Pair their beers with some delightful western, local, and Japanese tapas! Draught beer tower prices start from S$47.10, and they also have freshly brewed craft beer going at S$66 for a tower. If you’re looking to go hard, Kanpai 789 also serves a 3L Yakult Soju tower at S$65.80 and Jim Beam Highball towers at S$55.

5. Miss G's Grill and Bar

Located just a stone's throw away from Telok Ayer MRT, Miss G's Grill and Bar is an unpretentious watering hole that serves up great comfort food, bar grub and Happy Hour deals. Get a tower from just S$40 onwards! Who knew that a restaurant in the CBD area would have such an amazing drink promo. We also love their grub – everything from fresh oysters to spam fries, yakitori and chirashi bowls!

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