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15 Restaurants Offering Yusheng Delivery For Your Loheis At Home

CNY is fast approaching and maybe you’re thinking of having your loheis at home this year, or in your office for small gatherings. Great news, because many restaurants are offering yu sheng delivery this year! 

Welcome in the new year and toss to good fortune with these yu sheng delivery options.

Deliveroo + Soup Restaurant

yusheng delivery - deliveroo 

Usher in the new year with Deliveroo and Soup Restaurant’s Year of the Ox yusheng kits ($51.25)! These yu sheng kits feature salmon and baby abalone on a bed of grated carrots and radish, as well as a refreshing homemade citrus sauce. Each Yu Sheng kit will also come with complimentary Handmade Lotus Fortune Baos!

Order here.

Cherry Garden

best yusheng - cherry garden 

Invite in a new auspicious beginning with specially-curated dishes by Cherry Garden at Mandarin Oriental. There's a yusheng for everyone – the classic Prosperity Yu Sheng with salmon (S$88++ for small, S$168++ for large), the Bountiful Yu Sheng (S$138++ for small, S$276++ for large) with abalone, Hokkaido scallops and salmon, or the Harmonious Yu Sheng with fresh lobster, scallops and salmon (S$158++ for small, S$258++ for large).

Order here

Sushi Tei

yusheng delivery - sushi tei 

Who says you have to have Chinese food for CNY? Tuck into some yu sheng with a Japanese twist. The Sushi Tei Prosperity Yusheng (S$39.80 for medium, S$45.80 for large) comes with salmon, shredded carrot, radish, jellyfish, chuka hotate (scallops), chuka wakame (seaweed), brown melon and more. Crushed peanuts and crackers provide a delightful crunch, and Sushi Tei’s signature dressing gives it a bright flavour.

Order via Deliveroo or Foodpanda.

Bali Thai

yusheng delivery - bali thai

Having Muslim friends over? Bali Thai's halal-certified yusheng (S$28.80 for standard, S$48.80 for deluxe) will cater to your inclusive party. Merging Thai and Indonesian flavours, you'll find ingredients such as green mango, cashew nuts, jellyfish, ginger flower and lemon leaf slice. Top it off with your choice of salmon, prawns or crispy salmon skin!

Order here.

Pink Fish

yusheng delivery - pink fish 

Sometimes, celebrating the new year is just an intimate affair for two, and Pink Fish knows that with a mini yu sheng on the menu. The Mini Abundance Lo-Hei (from S$10.90 for small) uses only the freshest Norwegian salmon slices and a medley of garden greens, crispy salted egg fish skin, and their house speciality plum sauce.

Order here.

The Alkaff Mansion

yusheng delivery - the alkaff mansion 

For the meat-loving and not-so-traditional family, The Alkaff Mansion has curated the Golden Harvest Yusheng (S$88) with a Spanish twist. The delightful dish features delightful 5J jamón ibérico ham, salmon and crispy ibérico pork crackling, unique to The Alkaff Mansion.

Pre-order at least 3 days in advance here.

Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay

yusheng delivery - parkroyal marina bay 

The Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng With Crispy Whitebait And Nashi Pear (from $93) by Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay features some unusual standouts such as the crispy whitebait (which makes a great substitute for the usual salmon), and nashi pear, a lovely and unorthodox addition. 

Order here.


yusheng delivery - mimi 

Mìmì is a modern Chinese restaurant housed in a 150-year-old riverhouse, and the Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng with Salmon (S$68 for small, S$88 for large) comes adorned with baby abalone, fresh salmon, green radish, daikon, carrot, cornflakes, puff rice, blueberries, crispy crackers and a chef’s secret sauce. Perfect for tossing to a great year ahead.

Pre-order at least 3 days in advance here.

Blue Jasmine

best yusheng - blue jasmine 

Toss up good fortune with Blue Jasmine's Thai Chin Yu Sheng (S$68). The dish comes with a refreshing Thai twist and features slices of smoked salmon served with a tall mountain of crispy rice crackers, vegetables and fruit including Thai green mango, papaya, pomelo and pickles. Finish it off with a generous drizzling of the unique and refreshing plum and passionfruit sauce!

Order here.

White Restaurant

yusheng delivery - white restaurant 

This CNY, White Restaurant festive dishes include the Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng (from $47.08). Featuring luscious 14-head abalones with julienned winter melon, buckwheat, dried persimmon, carrots, deep-fried yam and jelly fish, and grounded peanuts, white sesame and pomelo pulps for some crunch. The dish comes together with house-made piquant pomelo sauce and sliced lemon leaves!

Order here.


yusheng delivery - picanhas 

This steakhouse is best known for its use of picanha, a cut of beef from the rump cap muscle first made popular in Brazil. Toss to the new year with Picanhas’ Gyusheng ($88) – a yu sheng with Brazillian twist that will tantalize your taste buds with the steakhouse’s signature Queen of Steak on top of a bed of daikon, carrots, oranges, grapes, pineapples and cashew nuts.

DM them on Facebook to order.

Min Jiang at Dempsey

yusheng delivery - min jiang 

This Auspicious Abundance ‘Lo Hei’ ($268) will feed everyone if you have a large family. The magnificent yu sheng is crowned with steamed Alaskan crab leg meat in a crisp rice cracker and laid on a bed of greens. Encircled by baby abalones, flying fish roe and sweet peaches, the dish is finished with deep-fried gluten, yam, sweet potato strips and an assortment of nuts. Add on the finishing touches of plum sauce, rosella jam and lime juice and you're good to go!

Order here.


yusheng delivery - porta

The refreshing Prosperity Tuna Yu Sheng Platter (S$58) from Porta at Park Hotel features an array of auspicious ingredients. Yellowfin tuna slices, coated in sesame seeds and seaweed flakes, lead the festive celebrations with its deep red hue. Prepared tataki style, the tuna slices are paired with a vibrant medley of white and green radish and carrot, purple cabbage, pickled vegetables, and crowned with torch ginger flower and chiffonade of kaffir lime leaves.

Order here.

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

best yusheng - xin 

Fans of salted egg, usher in a prosperous new year with Xin Restaurant's rendition of the dish – Alaskan Crab with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce Yu Sheng ($98 for small, S$138 for large)! Oozing with umami from fresh Alaskan crab meat, coat it in creamy salted egg yolk sauce for that extra oomph!

Order here.

Man Fu Yuan

yusheng delivery - man fu yuan 

Usher in a Niu year with Man Fu Yuan's luxurious selection of dishes. The Abundance Yu Sheng (from $92.34), Treasures Beef Yu Sheng (from $75.24) and Prosperity Yu Sheng (from $75.24) are all available for delivery, feature luxurious toppings such as Canadian lobster, baby abalone, beef bak kwa or Hokkaido scallops and salmon.

Order here.

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