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12 Best Ergonomic Chairs to Fit Every Budget

We spend thousands of dollars on our gadgets, laptops and desktops, so why do we neglect the chairs that we sit on and content with one that causes us neck and backaches? Some of us have built a decent home office while working from home over the circuit breaker, and here are some comfortable additions to your workstation to make sore necks and backs a thing of the past, regardless of your budget.

Wayner Office Chair (S$49)


The Wayner Office Chair from FortyTwo serves its purpose without any bells and whistles. With an adjustable seat height, cushioned seat, and ergonomic mesh backrest, it’s the basics of what you need for the long hours at your desk. Best of all, with its GSS sale, the chair is just S$49 right now.

Frank Mid Back Office Chair (S$99)

Ergonomically designed for long hours of seating, the Frank Mid Back Office Chair is perfect for your study or office. With its sleek chrome armrests and soft cushioned seat surface, this office chair combines functionality and style.

J30 Office Chair (S$119)

An entry-range, high back office chair with adjustable lumbar support, the J30 office chair is one of the most popular office chairs given its affordable pricing and functions: an height-adjustable headrest, height-adjustable armrests and height-adjustable lumbar support to comfortable support, along with a wide padded seat and lock and rock mechanism.

New Euro Duo Back Chair (S$259)

A Korean made ergonomic chair that features a duo back and removable lumbar support that provides comfortable support for your back, this chair is designed for comfortable seating for long hours. The headrest can be adjusted in height and the lumbar support gives firm support for your lower back, which can be removed if not required. Coming in four colours, it adds a refreshing look to any home office

Top Gaming Chair (S$295)

This chair from v.hive was designed for gamers, whom we know spend a crazy amount of time in front of a computer, so you can imagine how it would double up as a great office chair. It features a headrest pillow along with molded foam lumbar support to help prevent any back aches.

ErgoTune – Classic (S$359.00)

The ErgoTune classic features a self-adjusting lumbar support that automatically adjusts itself to your spinal shape to provide incredible support throughout the day. The chair is also fully adjustable to fit every individual with adjustable seat depth and armrest angle and height. The usual price is S$399, but they have a WFH promo until the end of the month – use promo code "Tuneup40" for $40 off!

Secretlab OMEGA 2020 Series (S$499)


Secretlab chairs have long been touted as the gold standard of gaming chairs. The 2020 update to the multi-award winning Secretlab OMEGA chair ensures maximum comfort for endless hours regardless of what you’re doing. With marked improvements to comfort, support, and reliability, this chair delivers an unparalleled sitting experience.

Embrace Highback Grey (S$600)

The chair from Benel is a hybrid chair that provides all-encompassing comfort, allowing you to enjoy the best of two worlds: the sturdy support of a fabric chair, as well as the breathability of a mesh chair, so it’s cooling for your back while working through the day. Its usual price is S$685, but you can snag it at S$600 right now!

Ergohuman Pofit High Back Office Chair (S$835)

The Pofit chair is a combination of wisdom and technology that suits all kinds of office environments. Its ultimate dynamic bionic design gives a whole-line support to the human spine by providing not just individual point support, but full support throughout the entire length of the spine. This chair is even recommended by a physiotherapist, so you know it's worth every penny.

Humanscale Liberty Task Chair (S$1050)

The Humanscale Liberty Task chair is an intelligent mesh task chair engineered to provide automatic lumbar support for every individual, as well as offering simplicity and complete ease of use. It was designed to offer a unique, minimal aesthetic and to provide custom comfort for every user who sits in it, with its Form-Sensing Mesh Technology and mechanism-free recline for perfect support and ultimate comfort.

HÅG Capisco 8106 (S$1799)

Inspired by the form and movement of the body, Capisco’s award-winning human-centered design offers more healthy and active sitting postures in a single chair than three others put together, making it the perfect complement to any home office. The plus-shaped back makes for comfortable backwards or sideways sitting, the contoured saddle seat opens the hips for a more active, forward posture, and of course there’s plenty of space at the back of the seat for traditional sitting. 

RH Mereo (S$2199)

A Scandinavian sensation that will help you to achieve an active sitting position, better concentration and better performance. The RH Mereo is a task chair designed for the most comfortable sitting experience, offering unrivalled ergonomics and adapts to your body as if the chair was custom-made. It boasts the best Swedish ergonomics – the chair mimics your body movements to support your body and relieves pressure on the thighs, stimulating blood circulation and reducing tensions.

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