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Best Local Ice Cream Cafes

Best Local Ice Cream Cafes

There's just something special about ice cream. It can lift moods, bring people together, and get adults to think back on their happy childhood days. There are many ice cream cafes in Singapore, with several specialising in local flavours such as chendol, pulut hitam to durian. Which are the best ice cream cafes in Singapore? Let's find out!

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The Dancing Elephant Ice Cream

The Dancing Elephant is a small ice cream parlour tucked away in Zhongshan mall, serving full-flavored, natural ice creams made from the best ingredients the owners can acquire. The inventive flavours here include speculoos and salt, maple bacon and Cherry Zabaglione amongst a few others. Vote for this ice cream parlour if you love the ice cream here!



WellSmoocht is a vegetarian and vegan ice cream cafe serving up R'ice Cream made with natural ingredients such as organic crystal brown rice, organic evaporated sugar cane juice, real fruit and pure nut butters. If you love the ice cream here, give it your vote!


aROMA Gelato

aROMA Gelato is an authentic little gelataria that churns rich creamy gelato in classic flavours like pistachio, chocolate, rum and raisin, hazelnut, and chocolate caramel. If this is your favourite place for ice cream, give it your vote!


Bread and Butterfly

Bread and Butterfly is a new ice cream parlour run by the same people behind local F&B brand Saveur. This ice cream parlour specialises in ice cream cones infused with floral flavours like lavender as well as uncommon ingredients like tomato and miso. If you love the ice cream here, give it your vote!



Geometry is an artisanal gelato café: the brainchild of two childhood friends in love with creating great tasting, natural, homemade desserts. The gelato is made in-house with seasonal flavours popping up from time to time. If this is your favourite gelato cafe, give it your vote!



Lickers makes its ice creams from milk, eggs and cream they find off the market shelves. The ice cream flavours offered depends on the fresh produce they can find each day, so you'll find new ice cream flavours to try on each visit. Vote for Lickers if you love the ice cream here.


Poppy Pops

Poppy Pops prides itself on creating unique gelato flavours that keep customers coming back for more. New flavours are launched every month to keep things fresh and customers excited. If you're a fan of this ice cream parlour, give it your vote!


Hey Sugar

Hey Sugar is an Instagrammable ice cream parlour with a feminine pink interior and a wide range of ice cream with flavours like strawberry cheesecake, rocky road chocolate, milo dinosaur and more. If this is your favourite ice cream cafe, vote for it now!